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Learning to Barefoot Trim

A colleague of mine in the UK recently attended a barefoot trimming course and here is what she had to say:
Hi there. Just a note on how the course went. It was brilliant! It was with Paddock Paradise Europe, an official partner of the AANHCP (Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices). It was geared towards horse owners so consisted of just two days with the aim that we would be able to do routine maintenance trims on our own horses when we got home.

It started off with a classroom presentation talking about the history of the horse, Jaime Jackson (whose system the course was based on), the wild hoof model and the four pillars of good hooves (diet, environment, the trim and horsemanship). After lunch, we then started on our cadaver hooves! A great afternoon spent learning how to use our tools and following our instructor’s directions on getting a good basic trim. The next day we started off with some exercises to get the leg muscles working (avoid using those backs!), some more cadaver trimming and then ‘sequencing’. This final section gave us a good solid process on how to approach a horse for trimming, pick up their feet, stand in the correct position for trimming and where to keep our tools (for ease of access and safety). Some students then went on to a third day where they got a private lesson with their own horse. Altogether an astounding weekend with a steep but wonderful learning curve.
And you’ll never guess what, the organizer had four lovely Cavallo hoof boots for her horse! She kindly let me take a picture of her little boy Prince showing them off.

And finally, yes, I am now fully confident to trim my own two darlings! I might even continue on to do their training program for those wanting to trim professionally!

– Emma Fitzgerald, UK

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