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Lulu’s Story

Hi Cavallo,

I thought you might be interested in Little Lulu’s relationship with Treks.

February in the snow Lu took a downhill fall at gallop in her pasture, spread eagle face plant and skid for about 40 feet with all four legs spread like wings, from the tracks left behind. If it could stretch it did and the swelling was horrendous to see. Eventually it gravitated to her legs, then into her feet. She has 6 degrees rotation in one foot and 8 degrees in the other from the swelling.

Tough little mare got better over time. Then a month ago a huge deer fly locked on to her quarters and drew blood. Lu took off at gallop and the fragile, barely healed pelvic muscles, ligaments and tendons were not up to her rodeo worth galloped headstands. Almost better 2 weeks later we had a repeat deer fly vampire attack that Lu tried to buck off.

Her feet are pretty much recovered from the damage in February, but each time she abuses her abs it takes a while to heal.

Enter Cavallo’s Trek Boots. Lulu usually wears them for work. One day I noticed how much better she was when she had a pair on only in front. It took some of the stress off the abs to have the front end a little higher. She has a gravel paddock and a three acre pasture. She is wearing the Treks on front 24/7. I use Thrushbuster once a week and apple cider vinegar every day with one hour in her stall barefoot. Lu is so much more comfortable and healing faster. As her damaged hooves grow out we are at the point where the hoof has grown over the limit of the pedal bone and the damage from the fall induced laminitis is now exposed at the white line. The Treks keep gravel out as new healthy hoof grows in.

As soon as my budget recovers from a winter of vet bills I will get her another pair as back ups.

This is also the young mare who, having been fed over the fence by an uninformed admirer has had three surgeries for recurrent scar tissue in her esophagus, the latest in April. She deserves a pain free life and now that our vet has invented a scalpel free solution (cautery wire burn) with Treks on her feet she can begin to be the horse she really is, smart, funny, loving and a workaholic.

Thanks. Karen

PS: Lu’s equine ma is grateful too. When Lu is not well she throws a hissy fit if Bella goes out to work and Lu is left behind. With the Treks on Lu can come with us. Bella hates work at home so we are all on the road again.

Horse Hoof Boots

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