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Trimmer Maia Chaput – Barefoot with BIG Goals

Maia Chaput Trimmer Farrier Cavallo Hoof Boots

Meet Cavallo Trimmer of the Month – Maia Chaput

I first met Cavallo Associate Seller and Trimmer Maia Chaput at the PCHP Conference back in 2019. We had a great time meeting everyone and we learned so much. Meeting Maia was a pleasure – it’s always fun to run into a fellow Canadian when traveling! Greg and I both felt inspired by Maia’s passion for a higher standard of understanding and caring for the hoof.

Maia Chaput Cavallo Hoof Boots Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners Conference

Greg and I having a blast with Maia Chaput at the PHCP Conference

Maia’s Background

Maia started trimming in 2011 and she’s been evolving as a barefoot trimmer and educator ever since. In 2017, she took the step to certified through the PHCP (Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners), an educational foundation for hoof care professionals and horse owners. PHCP provides a supportive network and educational foundation, based on a holistic and progressive approach to equine hoof care. In 2019 Maia became a certified mentor through the organization, and she now sits on the PHCP board of directors and their education committee. Maia is committed to mentoring the next generation of hoof care practitioners through the PHCP certification process.

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

As a trimmer, Maia mainly services the St-Lazare/Rigaud area in the province of Quebec, but she also travels to work in other areas in western Quebec and eastern Ontario. Maia often finds herself traveling even further when she’s needed. She goes many extra miles every year to assist with urgent/hoof rehab cases, hoof care conferences, and clinics.

When Two Great Trimmers Join Forces – Look Out!

A wide variety of clientele keeps Maia busy!  She fills her days with a mix of healthy maintenance trims, rehabilitation cases, and performance horses. She also has a passion for educating horse owners, empowering them to play an active role in their horse’s hoof health. Currently, Maia is putting the finishing touches on a new, comprehensive online program called “Foundations of Soundness – Recognizing and Developing Healthy Hooves. This exciting project is a collaboration with her friend and colleague Catherine Larose (Maia’s first mentor). Maia and Catherine developed this program content together from their years of teaching hands-on clinics to horse owners learning to trim their own horses.

Educating Others to Achieve Her Goals 

What’s Maia’s main goal? To raise the standard of equine care by teaching preventative and proactive strategies for strong, healthy barefoot hooves, optimal biomechanics. She also works hard to make people aware about using boots and composite shoes as alternatives to metal shoeing.

Cavallo is Maia’s go-to hoof boot for transitioning horses out of shoes. She also recommends Cavallo Boots for Laminitis and Navicular rehab cases. She has many clients who are using Cavallos as their go-to riding boots, including Cavallo sponsored eventing athlete Claudia Iannuccilli. Claudia has successfully competed up to FEI 2* eventing barefoot and loves using her Cavallo Treks for conditioning her horses.

Maia tells us that, countless times, Cavallo Boots have been an indispensable tool in helping her to achieve success with her clients. What’s our favourite Maia quote? “In the case of rehab, I can honestly say Cavallos have been lifesaving for many horses.”

To find out more about Maia, visit Maia and Catherine’s business website, Metta Equus, HERE!

You can also follow Maia on Facebook HERE and on Instagram at @mettaequus


– Wishing you an enlightening journey getting to know your horse’s hooves better,

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