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Meet Scott Wilburn – Cavallo Horse Trimmer of the Month

Scott Wilburn Cavallo Hoof Boot Associate Trimmer Farrier

Alaska Gained a Great Trimmer

Scott Wilburn is a Cavallo Associate Trimmer and Farrier in Kenai, Alaska. He’s a Southern boy at heart, but he moved his business to Alaska a few years ago from Georgia, where he first began trimming and selling Cavallo Boots.

We had to run to catch up with Scott to interview him, as this April is a busy time. Scott has been getting lots of calls for boots as they are experiencing ‘Final Breakup’ in Alaska right now (the final thaw at Winter’s end). This means slush, water and, in Scott’s words, “tons of muck”! His customers have been calling, asking how they can save their horses’ feet from all the moisture. “BOOTS!” he always replies, “I’ll be right over!”.

Everyone Loves to Save Money 😉

When asked what percentage of his clients are barefoot vs. shod, Scott estimates that 80% of his client’s horses are barefoot. He notes that his clients are delighted with the financial savings of being barefoot & booted instead of shod.  He keeps up regular trim schedules for his clients, keeping them on top of their horses’ hoof health at all times.

Scott’s Path to Helping Horses

Scott Wilburn Cavallo Hoof Boot Associate Trimmer Farrier Scott didn’t start out as a farrier. Although he loved horses and always considered becoming a farrier, he loves to help people and ended up joining the United States Coast Guard.  Unfortunately, while serving with the Coast Guard, Scott became injured and could not continue his service.

So, life steered Scott back to his beloved horses! It turns out that there are great opportunities offered to disabled veterans to re-train for farrier work. He jumped at the chance and became certified through the Brotherhood of Working Farriers Association in Georgia. The rest is history, and America gained a five-star farrier.

How Scott Met Cavallo

Scott was introduced to barefoot horse keeping and Cavallo Boots early on by his sister, Danielle Londrigan, who owns Red Gate Farms in Central IL. Red Gate Farms is a sustainable, draft horse-powered permaculture farm. They allow their drafts’ bare hooves to function naturally while working. They also use Cavallos for extra protection when needed and during hoof rehabilitation. Red Gate Farms is now one of Scott’s best Cavallo clients!

What’s Scott’s favourite feature of Cavallo Hoof Boots?  Since he works very closely with veterinarians and specializes in specialty and corrective treatments for hoof rehab situations, he feels that Cavallo Boots are excellent therapeutic tools. He and the veterinarians he works with agree: Cavallo Boots promote hoof health by protecting the healing hoof, enabling the necessary tissue growth to rehabilitate an ailment successfully.  He added that, often, shoeing just doesn’t make sense in these situations. For example, if a healing hoof is shod, the nails in the hoof wall give spaces for thrush to grow, setting back a horse’s success. Scott named Trek as his favoured boot style to help horses during rehabilitation.

Why Scott Stands Behind Cavallo

Scott Wilburn Cavallo Hoof Boots Associate Trimmer FarrierScott explained why he made Cavallo his first choice for the clients and horses he cares about. “Aside from the boots being great, you can’t beat Cavallo customer service. You guys have my back, no matter what.  If there’s ever an issue with shipping delays, you do everything in your power to make sure my clients get my boots on time. Krystle, who manages the Cavallo Associate program, has been working with me since day one.  I call her my “handler”! She manages everything I need, and I always look forward to talking with her. I know she always gives me and my clients the highest priority.”

Scott’s biggest weakness as a trimmer?  He got into the profession because of his deep love for animals and is sometimes accused of caring more about the animals than the money he’s bringing in! Some may think this trait needs tweaking, but we think he fits right in with us as a valued Cavallo Team member. You see, here at Cavallo, we have a saying: “Do what you love, and the money will follow!”.

If you’re in Alaska and need a great trimmer, give Scott a call at 907-942-2044 or email him at:

Are you a farrier and/or trimmer and interested in becoming a Cavallo Associate Seller? Just give Krystle a call toll-free at 1-877-818-0037 or email her at .

Wishing you happy trails and great visits with your trimmer,

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