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Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

By Carole Herder

Horse Hoof Boots
Yes, we’ve all been there. Scared. The question is – do we calculate the odds and decide to do it anyway? Or are we so controlled by fear that it actually immobilizes our development. There have been instances where I have been nervous and OK let’s face it – downright scared, but have still clambered up on that horse. Why? Because I know the end result will be worth it. Nothing can describe the feeling of riding a horse and only true horse people can appreciate what I am talking about. Overcoming the challenge to reach the other end of a journey is totally empowering.

Charging on with our dreams while being frightened is what we call having courage. Many people take a leap of faith when pursuing their goals – I know I did when I started my company Cavallo. I had the foundations of an idea and the support of some clever people around me, but still what if everything gets rejected? What if I lose all my money? What if I fail miserably and nobody understands the challenge of tradition I am putting forth? Yuck. When I think back, if I hadn’t have had a good end result in mind, I never would have begun.

There are so many brave things we do in our lives. Have you brought a child into the world? Saved someone from an accident? Stood up to a bully? Delivered your horse out of the restriction of metal shoes? For many, this has been an incredibly brave choice, facing the challenges of creating the right environment, learning how to get the diet correct, and answering to the condescending remarks about ‘harming your horse’. It is the hero’s tale and it is not the easy road. Out of bravery comes learning and triumph. Perhaps not always success but remember, ‘Fear is temporary, regret is forever’. We at Cavallo, hear the stories every day. And here’s the thing – if you don’t try, you will not learn and if you don’t learn you will not succeed.

So chin up, lads and lasses! Don’t fear, get on with it and remember, you have the support of the entire Cavallo team behind you.

horse hoof boots

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