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Nougat Bar Loves His Cavallo Boots!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much my horse, Nougat Bar, appreciates his Cavallo Boots. Even before I ask him to lift his leg so that I can put his boots on, he lifts his leg automatically when he sees them. He knows our ride will be a good one, even when we go on the forest trails that are pretty stoney. The Cavallo Boots hold up extremely well .. we go through muck and water and the boots always stay on. With the drainage holes, water does not stay in the boot.  They are so easy to put on, and the boots make for a much better trail ride, with no ouchy feet. Would never go without them. Cavallo Boots are THE ABSOLUTE BEST horse hoof boots in the world –  I’m sure glad that I discovered them. Thank you Cavallo for making our trails … happy ones. 🙂

Shari – Ajax, Ontario, Canada

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