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The Power of Choice… and a bit of Kindness

How would you like to be standing in front of seventy people about to speak on the subject of caring for the horses we love and be confronted with the argumentative question “where did you get your information”?

“What information?” I answered.

“How to trim horse’s feet?” replied the crossed-arms antagonistic farrier.

I took a breath and replied that he was welcome to apply to speak at this event himself, I would be happy to discuss his issues afterward and he should kindly be respectful of everyone here in the audience who came to hear me speak. It was an interesting moment and it could have gone either way.

The thing is, we all care about horses or we wouldn’t be involved. It’s not as if a farrier says “I am going to nail metal shoes into horses’ feet, even if it damages them” No, they believe it is the best practice. Alternately, I believe that barefoot and booted is the best practice. Do we have to argue about it? Do we have to be polarized into “camps”?

carole-at-fhcI carried on speaking with the intention of winning those four-front-row-farriers over. We are all in this together. Barefoot is not going away. Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots are not going away. Sincerity and friendliness is the best way to co-exist.

Amazingly, we did indeed become friends in the end. The audience, the people, the horse owners got to choose. There has always been conflicting opinion in our world. This bit, that bit, this feed, that vitamin, this farrier, that mineral, this vet, that blanket, this trainer, that saddle and then it all changes next season or in a different territory. It’s not always easy, but best to make the choice that makes sense to you. Listen to all points of view – all possibilities. It can be difficult to be independent and part of community at the same time. Be open. Keep learning and do your best. Sift through the right and wrong. You are the one your horse is depending on.

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