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Hurry! Get ONE PAIR (two boots) of Trek, plus all the Cavallo Treats you can handle in your Trek-and-Treat Pack for a limited time only! No limit per customer!

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    Here’s Your ‘Trek-and-Treat’ Pack PLUS $150 USD OFF & FREE SHIPPING!

    Green and Black Cavallo Trek Horse Hoof Boots

    One Pair (2 boots) of  Trek Hoof Boots ($209.90 USD Value)

    Meet the Cavallo Trek Hoof Boot – our toughest trail boot! Trek is the most flexible, durable, breathable and user-friendly addition to the Cavallo Hoof Boot collection. Great for relief of chronic pain or hoof sensitivity, rehabilitation from injuries, abscesses, navicular disease, laminitis/founder, punctures, sole bruising and contracted heels, arthritis and more. Trek Hoof Boots can easily be adjusted for close contact and a snug fit to individual horses’ hooves, perfect for jumping and competing. Excellent for protection during trailering and breeding or taken on the trail as a “spare tire” for lost shoes. Available in Green and Black, size 0-6 on both Slim and Regular soles.



    Cavallo Hoof Boots LED HeadlampOne Cavallo Headlamp ($19.95 USD Value)

    Light your way to the barn! The Cavallo Headlamp will light your way through the darker nights of Fall and Winter. Its very bright LED light and comfy, elasticized head strap will have you reaching for it as a favourite! Also great during those early morning or evening rides to increase your visibility.


    One LED Flashlight Keychain ($4.95 USD Value)

    Light up AND open your beverage! The Cavallo Flashlight Keychain is tiny and bright, easy to pop in your purse or your pocket for when you need it most. It also has a bottle opener on the end, so you can open a cool drink after a long ride!



    One Pair Trek 3M Reflective Straps ($14.95 USD Value)

    Be safe & be seen as nights get longer! You and your horse can enjoy increased safety with the Trek/BFB 3M Reflective Hoof Boot Strap during evenings or low-light conditions. These incredibly reflective closures light up brightly, even at a distance, when illuminated by car headlights.




    One Pair Comfort Sleeves ($19.95 USD Value)

    Extra pastern protection! The Cavallo Comfort Sleeve is designed for those who would like additional protection while breaking in boots or on an extra long ride. Also great for snugging up the fit of a boot.  Easy to use with an adjustable fit, these sleeves can be used with any style of Cavallo Boot. Machine washable.



    One Pair 5mm Cushion Pads (19.95 USD Value)

    *New* Comfort for hoof therapy or light riding!  For even more support with your Cavallo Hoof Boots, sizes 0-6. Cavallo 5mm Cushion Pads are made of specially formulated microcellular foam compound that absorbs shock and concussion – so your horse’s hoofs and legs don’t have to! Ideal for use during hoof therapy and rehabilitation or extra comfort during all activities. Available in 5mm & 10mm thicknesses.




    Cavallo Horse Hoof Boot Comfort Pads LaminitisOne Pair Comfort Pads (19.95 USD Value)

    Trailering, turnout & hoof rehab! Cavallo Comfort Pads are made of a unique polymer cushioning compound that absorbs shock and concussion. Ideal for use during hoof therapy/rehabilitation or extra comfort during riding and turnout. Can be used during trailering/transport so your horse arrives sound, refreshed and ready to compete!




    Cavallo Hoof Boots TPU Support Pad insoleOne Pair TPU Support Pads (19.95 USD Value)

    Extra shock absorption on the trails! Cavallo TPU Support Pads are moulded from a specially formulated industrial-grade thermoplastic urethane compound to help absorb everyday shock and provide your horse with additional comfort while on the trails. Absorbs shock on hoof strike and minimizes fatigue. Just try to wear these pads out!




    Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots Gel PadsOne Pair Gel Pads ($19.95 USD Value)

    Increased stimulation for blood circulation! Cavallo Gel Pads are made from a soft, specially formulated thermoplastic elastomer that is designed to provide your horse with temporary extra protection. Gel Pads offer increased comfort and blood circulation when making the transition from metal shoes to barefoot, for turnout or for rehabilitation during an injury. Due to the pliable nature of gel, it moves into the sole cavity, stimulating blood flow circulation. This can speed up the healing process and increase hoof health.



    Cavallo Hoof Boots T-ShirtOne Cavallo T-Shirt ($19.95 USD Value)

    Cavallo unisex ‘Life is Simple’ T-shirt in white, with logo on arm and chest and eight Cavallo Hoof Boot prints on the back. This heavy-weight T-shirt is made with high-quality 100% cotton (pre-shrunk) that feels light and airy to the touch. (Men, please order one size up. Please note: there are no size exchanges available for T-Shirts ordered in promo)



    Total Value of the ‘Trek-and-Treat’ Promo Pack $374.45 USD

    Your Price for EVERYTHING here, for a Limited Time: Only $224.45 USD!

    Pick up as many Trek-and-Treat Packs as you want! Makes a great gift for a friend!



    Promo available in US & Canada ONLY ~ALL PRICES/DISCOUNT SHOWN IN USD: Canadian pricing will be displayed at checkout at ~ FREE Shipping Included ~ Only while stocks last ~ Offer holds no cash value & cannot be combined with any other offer ~ Cavallo reserves the right to substitute a product if stocks are running low (same value – same Cavallo awesomeness) ~ Hurry: Offer only available for a limited time ~ No returns/exchanges on T-Shirts ~ Please measure carefully for Trek, as the customer is responsible for all exchange shipping charges. We recommend reaching out to our team for a size recommendation before ordering HERE.

    Praise for the Cavallo Trek Hoof Boot:

    Cavallo Trek Hoof Boots Review

    5 star review Cavallo Hoof Boots

    “I think you can tell how much Coty and I love our Green Trek boots! They are so easy to use for my older equestrian hands. We went through it all, deep mud, deep creek, rocky creek bed, up and down rocky hills and loping my QH to keep up with Rusty the TWH, lol!” –  Lori Zakas Allred




    Cavallo Trek Hoof Boots stay on5 star review Cavallo Hoof Boots

    “Highly recommend the CAVALLO TREK for any horse that tosses boots off their feet. I cannot believe how good these boots are. They’re the most simple boot to put on a horse AND THEY STAY ON!!!!!! Our Tennessee Walker can “walk” at 19km/hr, the boots stay on! Our Peruvian Paso pony has an odd-shaped hoof, running forward, so not a good candidate for boots, but in the Treks, he can FLYYY down the trail “paddling” his little feet around and they stay on! We can run up hills, they stay on!!!!” – Carly Cook



    Cavallo Trek Horse Hoof Boots testimonial

    5 star review Cavallo Hoof Boots

    “Hi Krystle, I contacted you back in summer 2020 regarding hoof boots for my Lamanitic Cushings pony as she was struggling. Two years later in trek boots for turnout 7 hours a day, she is a new pony, happy and moves so well. I just wanted to thank you for your help back then and for giving her a new lease on life, as I really don’t think she would be here without them.” – Kind regards, Tammy


    Need help? Send us your measuring photos HERE and we’ll send you a size recommendation.


    Cavallo’s Best Boot 180 Day Warranty Details:

    Cavallo guarantees the quality and workmanship of Cavallo Hoof Boots for 180 DAYS from the date of purchase. Subject to approval from place of purchase, Cavallo will reimburse for repair or replace your boots against faulty workmanship. The guarantee does not cover natural wear-and-tear, inappropriate use, modifications, changes or alterations, unattended horses, incorrect sizing, excessive heat exposure, exposure to sharp objects, or use with metal shoes without Cavallo High Tenacity Protection Pads in place. 

    To be fully protected by the Cavallo Best Boot 180 Day Warranty, Cavallo Hoof Boots must be purchased from a recognized Cavallo retailer. Cavallo Hoof Boots purchased as “used” or “second-hand” are not covered under the Cavallo Best Boot 180 Day Warranty. 

    Boots must be returned to place of purchase, clean, washed dry and free of debris, manure and dirt with dated original receipt and shipping paid.

    Cavallo Total Comfort System Saddle Pads are warrantied against manufacturer defects for one year from the date of purchase.

    Potential Hydrolysis effect on Cavallo soles:

    Cavallo Hoof Boot soles are molded in industrial grade TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane). Under certain conditions, this compound may be vulnerable to a chemical reaction known as Hydrolysis. Hydrolysis is a bond breakdown which may occur at least 2 years after production. This happens only when boots are stored in unfavorable conditions and not being used. Hydrolysis may be avoided by ensuring good air ventilation and avoiding humidity over 70%. Keep the storage environment cool and dry with good air circulation. A combination of temperatures as high as 40 Degree Celsius with high moisture content, should be avoided.

    Hoof boots that are frequently used in very wet conditions should be allowed to dry before storage and should not be stored in the original box or in areas of poor air circulation. Follow these instructions and your hoof boots will last free of Hydrolysis for many years. 

    Warranty questions can be answered in North America Toll Free at 1-877-818-0037 or [email protected]

    Horse activities are inherently dangerous.  The manufacturers, distributors and sellers will not accept responsibility for injury, death, lameness or illness resulting from the use or misuse of these products.

    Your Cavallo Warranty - Cavallo Hoof Boots

    5 star review Cavallo Hoof Boots

    Prestigious Veterinary Hospital Recommends Cavallo Boots

    “Rebel has recovered from Laminitis and has to be kept barefoot now. Cavallo Boots allow him to go on gentle trail rides that he loves. I followed your video on how to break them in and it was a big help. He’s a Rocky Mountain Horse. Rebel was a patient at Cornell Ruffian Equine Hospital in NY last year, and they recommended your boots. Just thought you would like to know how I found out about your product. I’m very careful to do whatever I can to keep those hoofs healthy. He’s really walking great!!!”

    -Judith Murtha

    5 star review Cavallo Hoof Boots

    “The Riser Saddle Pad Really Does Make a Big Difference…”

    “I just wanted you to know that I got my front riser English pad and I think my horse really appreciated it. He’s 5, but still butt high, which creates balance issues, but our first ride was AWESOME!! Put me in a much better balance and he seemed to move out much more, even throwing in a happy mini buck of joy. The riser pad really does make a big difference. As you know, trying new tack pieces is really a game of trial and error and can be very expensive. I tried about 10 saddles, western and English before I found a Duett Companion (hoop tree for wide horses). He’s not wide but has prominent, uneven shoulders and nothing seemed to fit. Everyone has an opinion of what’s best or what’s worked for them. I simply listen to what my horse is telling me, lol, he’s good at telling me loud and clear. He’s quite the ham…think he wrote a book about the Prince and the Pea in a former life.”

    – Paula Ironstone

    5 star review Cavallo Hoof Boots

    Comforting Laminitis & Thin Soles

    “I researched hoof boots like crazy before choosing Cavallo, so glad I made the right choice! We love them!! Duke is a mule. He is 26 and suffers from hoof wall separation and Laminitis. He wears his with Gel Pads during turnout. Java a pinto – he is wearing his boots today for comfort during turnout because the ground is frozen, but he normally just wears his for trail riding (he has 3 pairs!) He has thin soles and is an in-betweener, size-wise. We absolutely LOVE YOUR BOOTS! Thank you!!”

    -Stephanie Cofer

    5 star review Cavallo Hoof Boots

    Better Late than Never

    “I was a real latecomer to the idea of using hoof boots… Growing up, my Dad was the ‘horseshoer’ for our family & friends We never would have thought of having a barefoot horse, especially considering all we did with them year-round. But when looking for a horse of my own in recent years, I knew I wanted one that could go barefoot. And so I researched and bought Cavallos right away. I’m very happy, riding Sierra sometimes on rocky trails, and through creeks quite often. Can’t recommend them enough.”

    Valerie Bryce

    5 star review Cavallo Hoof Boots

    High-Level Dressage Rider Depends on Cavallo Boots

    “I’ve used Cavallo hoof boots for over 9 years, and have used them on a wide variety of horses from my traditional Gypsy ‘dressage cob’, Highland and Welsh Ponies, Thoroughbred and Warmbloods. I have never had any issues with them falling off or rubbing (unlike other boots I had previously tried) and we often have long adventures over and through a range of different terrains. This includes my advanced dressage horses, who have both been barefoot while in full competition work, but always wear their Cavallo hoof boots when hacking out.

    I also used the boots when my Cob had Laminitis, as they really helped him to feel more comfortable, and even now when the ground is frozen and rutted, he wears his boots in the field to keep him comfortable. Along with the range of Cavallo accessories, I can always be sure to get the perfect fit and level of comfort for each of my horses.”

    -Sue Grice, Dressage Rider, UK

    5 star review Cavallo Hoof Boots

    Why Do We Exclusively Use Cavallos?

    “Fame is happy in her Cavallo Simple Boots! We have a herd of 4, from a mini horse to a 16hh Quarter Horse. They all have at LEAST one pair of Cavallos! We have Simple, Treks, ELBs and CLBs. We also have almost every type of hoof boot pad Cavallo makes. Why do we exclusively use Cavallos?

    • They’re easy to get on. I don’t want to wrestle with a boot on a lame horse, or in the middle of a snowstorm. They come in a wide range of sizes. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to measure and get the right fit. Cavallos are easy to measure and I’ve never had issues getting the wrong size from my measurements.
    • Cavallos HOLD UP. Some of our crew are ROUGH on their gear. We’ve had many other hoof boot brands end up shredded and in the trash. Boots more expensive than Cavallos! After throwing away numerous pairs of boots that are $200+ a pair after owning them for a month, we switched to Cavallo and had zero issues.
    • Cavallo customer service is the absolute best. I sent them a message asking about using boots in snowy conditions and got a detailed and helpful answer within 24 hours. Often times it’s even sooner.”

    -Allyson Yearry Donaldson