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Research Backs Cavallo

Leading experts from around the world came together last month to report on the latest research in the field of small and large animal rehabilitation.  Auburn, Alabama was the setting for the 6th Symposium of the International Association of Veterinary Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy, from 4th to 7th August 2010.   As a Veterinary Physiotherapist and member of ACPAT (the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy), UK-based Sue Palmer, founder of Holistic Horse Help, was invited to give a presentation on her research study, ‘The effect of Equine Touch Basic Body Balance on mechanical nociceptive thresholds in paraspinal muscles of horses’. Ms. Palmer is a Veterinary Physiotherapist (ACPAT Category A) and Equine Body Worker.  Other qualifications include BHSAI and Equine Behaviourist (Intelligent Horsemanship Recommended Associate.

Other speakers at the conference included Hilary Clayton (author of ‘The Dynamic Horse’), Narelle Stubbs (physio to the Australian Olympic team), Kevin Haussler (whose research on the effects of chiropractic, massage and bute for horses was reported in the Horse and Hound a few months ago) and Kerry Ridgeway (vet, chiropractor, acupuncturist, and expert in saddle fitting and hoof balance).  Subjects covered ranged from stem cell therapy as regenerative medicine for repair of tendons and ligaments, through manual therapy and electrotherapy techniques, to saddle fitting and dissection.  All promoted an integrative approach to assessment and treatment of animals, ensuring that the service provided to clients is the very best available.

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