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Ride Your Way to the Equine Lifestyle Festival in Australia!

The team at Cavallo Horse & Rider wants to make sure YOU are entered in ACTHA’s draw to win a free week-long trip to Australia and the Equine Lifestyle Festival this November! (Here’s more on what’s happening at the festival – briefly!)

Horse Hoof Boots

If you love horses and have got the travel bug, this trip of a lifetime will introduce you to the exciting equine culture “Down Under” and offer you a glimpse of Australia’s stunning terrain. Enjoy the carefree Aussie culture, savor a shrimp off the Barbie, see the Joeys bounding freely…but watch out for those Crocs!

Included in the prize package for a lucky winner and their guest:

• Free return coach Airfare and hotel accommodation

• Free tickets to the 3 day Equine Lifestyle Festival

• Free return train tickets from Sydney to Hawksberry.

Here’s how you can enter to make it happen…

• You will be automatically entered in the draw each and every time you ride in the Open or Pleasure Division of an ACTHA Arena Challenge or ACTHA Trail Challenge.

• You will also receive an extra entry if you receive a Cavallo Judges Pick Award at any ACTHA event.

• Use your Cavallo Hoof Boots to increase your chances of winning! Just dress your horse up in Cavallo Boots and ride in any ACTHA event to be entered once more in the draw!

• Get another entry by hosting an ACTHA event (AOC or CTC)! Gain an extra entry for each and every event you host!

*The ACTHA Ride Year ends May 31st – so time is running out for a chance to win this trip “Down “under”!

For more information on how you can win the coolest draw of 2015, check out these links:

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Horse Hoof Boots

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