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Riding in Italy

Another nice testimonial received, with a hint of Italian flavor!

Hi there. I recently went on a trail riding holiday in Italy. It was fabulous, for the most part. It was a family run business and we all ate together every day, including ‘the don’, as I called him, at the head of the table. Nobody ate until he said ‘Buon Appetito!’ The food was hearty, wholesome and homemade, all cooked with fresh local produce. This included mushrooms from the surrounding hills, of which the area is famous for. The accommodation was in chalets and the countryside was gorgeous.

Our rides were on hardy Anglo Arabs and Argentineans and we rode through quiet wooded areas, over mountains providing the most stunning vistas (see photo) and through rustic villages, stopping for a picnic on the way. Often times we got smothered in pungent waves of aromas: wild rosemary, thyme, mint, and juniper.
The only slightly disturbing thing was the feet. As I have yet to find a riding holiday centre in Europe that provides barefoot/booted horses, all horses at this facility were shod, and some quite badly. Attached is a picture of one set of hooves I saw where the toes are too long and flared. A pad had also been put inside the shoe and it was disintegrating. I saw another set of hooves where the heel was as high as the toe! I thoroughly enjoyed the trip but all I can say is that I am so happy my horse is barefoot and so thankful I have Cavallo hoof boots to keep us going safely and comfortably on the trail. Thank you Cavallo!

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