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Ski Hills, Commitment and Cavallo Hoof Boots

By Carole Herder

Do you think going on a ski trip is a bit of an effort?  I sure do!

You somehow manage to get up to a ski hill with your skis in tow, hope you have all the gear you need for any type of extreme condition. You struggle into your gear, schlepping polls and doing the Neanderthal trudge to the lift, unsuccessfully trying to be comfortable in your ski boots which flex about as much as a metal horse shoe. Then you stand in line to take a crispy cold passage up a lift that blows wind in your face icing your already rigid nasal hairs.

And then, in all its glory the first run presents itself and you begin with ecstatic glee to revel in the rewards of all your efforts. The day brings all the pleasure you anticipated. Your eyes glass over with bright excitement and a perma-smile imprints your face. You are full of life. You are invigorated. Your blood is pumping. Your heart is pounding. Your muscles ache in that fabulous way that lets you know you are making effort. Your commitment has paid off and you revel in it!

We do it because we love it. But it requires commitment.

Now here’s the comparison to freeing our horses from the confines of metal shoes. Why do we question this archaic practice? Because we love our horses and we know it’s the right thing to do. But in order to enjoy the rewards – this too requires commitment. We must have appropriate terrain, proper trimming, good hydration, social environment and adequate movement. We must understand the basic function of hoof mechanism and use protection for the soles when riding our horses.  It may all seem cumbersome, just like the ski preparation, but the rewards are there. And it too is glorious. When you get it right it’s like skiing that mountain. Health is established, well being is apparent and the exhilaration of riding with complete protection with Cavallo Hoof Boots is evident in your horse’s stride. At one with your equine companion, confident in the comfort you provide for him, the wind breezing through your hair and no frozen nostrils!

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