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Soften the Impact of Hard Winter Ground

Cavallo Simple Hoof Boots - Laminitis and hard ground

Soften the Impact of Hard Winter Ground

We were thrilled to get a message all the way from Estonia and, guess what? Even though they are far across the ocean they still deal with the same issues we do in North America. This poor horse wrangled Laminitis and is now braving the hard, frozen, Winter ground.

Halliki Hanso - Estonia Cavallo Simple Hoof Boots for Laminitis frozen Hard ground“Hello!  We are located in Estonia, on an island called Saaremaa. My horse name is Ralla, she is a Silver Bay mare. Her breed is Estonian native horse. Sadly, in August 2019 she got a very bad Laminitis attack. Her hoofs were really, really sensitive after the treatment. So, this winter she uses Cavallo Hoof Boots for walking on frozen and hard ground. She also likes Cavallo Gel Pads inside. These boots are lifesavers! 💝🐎Thank you! 🙏🐴

– Halliki Hanso, Estonia



At Cavallo, we’re so happy to hear that Ralla’s Simple Boots worked to get her through a painful Laminitis attack and are able to soften the impact of hard Winter ground!  If you have a similar story, please connect with us , we’d love to hear it!









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