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Spring is here!

Some spring tips from our favourite vet Dr. Hermen Geertsema.

Spring Grass – The grass is finally starting to grow, which is great for those who put horses on pasture or have hay fields but also means we have to be careful with Insulin Resistant horses that are prone to laminitis. A great option, once your horse gets used to it, is a grazing muzzle. This will only allow them to eat grass slowly and seems pretty effective in preventing them from getting overweight and developing laminitis.

Getting Back in Shape – Getting ready for show / riding season.

Time to dust off those ponies, not that it’s been dry enough to get any dust on them. Remember that if they have not been used much over the past few months to take your time ‘legging them up’, getting them into shape slowly so as to condition them before asking anything strenuous of them. This is the easiest time to injure them when they are full of energy from being idle and their muscles, tendons and ligaments are not conditioned. Also as riders we are anxious to get back at it and may tend to want to push too far, too fast. An ounce of prevention goes a long way!

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