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St. Patrick's Day Promo header - Cavallo Trek Hoof Boots

You won't believe your luck...we're extending this promo until midnight, Sunday March 19!

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Get the World's best hoof boot at a very LUCKY price!

Use Coupon Code: TREK33

Here's How Trek will Change your Life:

  • Relax while you ride, knowing your horse is just as comfortable as you are 
  • Always know you have therapy boots at the ready, should you ever need them
  • Ride through creeks, muddy bogs, and rocky terrain. Add studs for safety on ice and snow
  • Enjoy a streamlined boot you even can jump in
  • Benefit your horse with scientifically proven boots that reduce shock and hoof load
  • Know your horse’s hooves are protected while driving on hard asphalt and gravel roads (just in case you need to tow your giant beer keg everywhere you go, like this Leprechaun!)
33% off Cavallo Trek Boots

Don't know your size? You don't have to miss this promo!

Did you know you can order Cavallos without knowing your size? It’s EASY!

Just go to our website and find the boots you want. Under the ‘size selection’, simply select “Size to Be Determined”, choose your amount, and purchase your boots. 

After purchase, you’ll receive a special email from us with hoof measuring instructions and a link to upload your hoof photos directly to us when you’re ready. After viewing your photos, we’ll make an expert size recommendation before shipping out your new boots!

Ends Midnight, Sunday! Use Coupon Code: 33OFF

Stock is limited and this offer is ONLY available while supplies last!


Hoof Rehabilitation: Equine Podiatrist Uses & Recommends Trek

“As an Equine Podiatrist working in the UK, I frequently recommend Cavallo Hoof Boots for horses recovering from Laminitis. They are easy to put on/take off and take a thick foam pad for sole protection nicely. I’m known professionally as Vikki Fear DEP MEPA and am a member of The Equine Podiatry Association (UK). Here’s a picture of my handsome boy in his Green Treks, and some photos of fitting pads to the boots.”

Vikki Fear Equine Podiatrist UK Cavallo Hoof Boots review
Vikki Fear Equine Podiatrist UK Cavallo Hoof Boots review.

Easy to Use & Great on All Terrain!

“I think you can tell how much Coty and I love our green Trek boots!

They are so easy to use for my older equestrian hands. We went through it all, deep mud, deep creek, rocky creek bed, up and down rocky hills and loping my Quarter Horse to keep up with Rusty the Tennessee Walking Horse, LOL!


-Lori Zakas Allred


Cavallo Trek Hoof Boots in Mud all terrain

Going Barefoot? Perfect for New Beginnings!

“We love this Park, close to home and they have several bridges to cross and tons of beautiful trails! 

My horse and the horse ahead of me were both wearing Cavallo Trek Boots with Pastern Wraps. I am soooo happy with these boots!! 

First time this mare has gone barefoot in the 12 years I have owned her!! We crossed several bridges today with no problems. Love these boots!!”

– Melanie Beiser

Horse barefoot for first time using Cavallo Trek Hoof Boots on ride

Want 33% OFF TREK? Use Coupon Code: TREK33

Offer ends Sunday, March 19 at midnight!

Wishing you many happy trails and the luck of the Irish,

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Promo Details: Free shipping included ~ Available Canada & USA only ~ No backorders/promo only valid while stock lasts ~ Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion ~ For reasonable personal use only ~ Promo ends midnight, Sunday, March 19 2023