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We love hearing about how Cavallo products have helped you and your horse.  This is a great one about our saddle pads.

I have tried so many saddle pads over the years to go with my custom saddle for my horse, Quik. I have tried doubling saddle pads, wither inserts, and even folded towels in the places where my saddle wasn’t fitting properly. I did a lot of research about saddle pads and from the testimonials I have read, I chose to try the Cavallo Western All Purpose Pad. I was nervous because I had never ordered a saddle pad online. But I have used Cavallo products in the past and they were always awesome. When I recieved my Cavallo saddle pad, I thought that the ‘slick’ side would make the saddle pad slide around. I was tempted to put a thin pad underneath, but I chose to just try the pad by itself to get a true test of the pad. It never moved! It filled up in all the right places! My horse Quik moved more freely in the shoulders than he ever has in his whole life! When I removed my saddle and the Cavallo Pad, I could see how perfectly it fit my horse. I will never use another saddle pad again.

Genevieve Cherrry, Oregon

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