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Cavallo Saddle Pad lineup

Monty Roberts & Dan Steers Review their Cavallo Saddle Pads

Did you Know? There's a Cavallo Pad for Every Horse's Situation:

Monty Roberts Knows a Good Pad

“The Cavallo Total Comfort System Saddle Pads help your horse increase his movement around the shoulder. The gullet system encourages horses to lift their spine and use themselves properly while taking pressure off the withers. This unique memory foam sandwich helps your saddle fit better. In addition to the lightweight thinness of the Cavallo pad I love the reversible feature as I prefer to ride with the 100% New Zealand wool to my horse. Cavallo pads are the best pads in the world today.”

– Monty Roberts

Cavallo Hoof Boots Saddle Pad

Makes Him Feel Like He Can Fly

"I’ve had my Quarter Horse since he was 4 years old. We do pony club, western riding and we enjoy every second of it. He always gives me 110% no matter how tired he is. I have a passion for the comfort and happiness of horses, coming from my area of work in vet nursing. I purchased my Cavallo Saddle Pad so I could improve my horse’s saddle fit and let’s just say it makes him feel like he can fly - the difference is insane!"

– Emma Stephens-Hodder

Cavallo Saddle Pad review

Great Pad - Well Worth the Cost

"Cook is a 20-year-old quarter horse who is very mutton withered. I purchased a Cavallo Western Bridge Saddle Pad and there is an amazing difference. His back is evenly wet when unsaddled, with no dry spots and no sore back. He wants to move out more. What a great pad! Well worth the cost."

– Lawrence Ruddick

He No Longer Gets Tired Quickly

"I bought this new horse; he may as well be made of gold. The only thing is, he's old and was feeling the effects of a hard life of hunting. Previous bad saddle fit had left extensive muscle atrophy. After much research, I settled for a Cavallo English Raised Wither Saddle Pad. Once I got the pad, within ten minutes of riding I felt the difference in him. I follow the sport of TREC, which requires my horse to be completely comfortable on long rides whilst being supple & steady through courses. He no longer gets tired quickly and our scores increased!" - Co. Kildare, Ireland

Total Comfort for your Best Friend:

All Cavallo Total Comfort System Saddle Pads are designed to promote even distribution of weight to the weight-bearing longissimus dorsi muscles, along either side of the horse’s backbone. Weight is kept off your horse’s spine and allow room for the horse’s scapula to move properly within the narrow confines of the saddle.

Our Tri-Density Solution, along with the performance enhancement (PE) panel, and the fine finishing details (including genuine leather butt joints, nylon bindings and aeration perforations) provide the ultimate Saddle Pad… Benefiting both horse and rider.

Cavallo Saddle Pads are Performance Enhanced

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Relax on your Horse's Back Knowing He's at Ease

Evelyn Santer hugging horse with Cavallo Saddle Pad
Cavallo Saddle Pad TCS Image horse with pad

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