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  • Horse Radio Network Holiday Radiothon
    Horse Radio Network’s Holiday Radiothon!

    Horse Radio Network Radiothon – Not to be missed! Cavallo is a proud sponsor of the 3rd Annual 12 Hour Live Horse Radio Network Holiday Radiothon.  Over $4,000 in equine related prizes will be offered during this exciting event!  There will also be twenty-four featured equestrian guests and hundreds of listener calls, songs and poems….

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  • Ever Heard of the Phrase, A Horse Has Five Hearts?

    By Carole Herder In simplistic terms, the heart pumps blood around the body through arteries. From the arteries, the blood moves away from the heart into capillaries and then into venules and then into veins. Unlike arteries, veins are not elastic and they need muscles to move the blood back towards the heart. Evolution has…

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