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  • Image of Issue 14 out now!
    Barefoot Horse Magazine

    You know I travel around the world sharing information and offering services to those who are looking for a better, more natural way to treat their horses and I encounter some very special like-minded experts in this area. People who are striving to make a difference in the world. One very amazing woman is Lindsay…

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  • Image of Horse in Cavallo Simple Boots
    My Horse’s Life Saver

    “Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing product I didn’t even know I needed. I bought my barefoot horse a pair of the Simple Boots 2 years ago to protect his hooves when we rode. They were perfect, and worked great! Not long after that he was diagnosed with laminitis….

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  • Image of Emma Massingale standing on her Liberty Horses
    Emma Massingale

    If you haven’t been following the amazing and talented Emma Massingale, then now is the time to start! Emma is an award-winning horse trainer, specializing in Training at Liberty. This means she only uses her body language and vocal commands to train horses. She is also the first British person to have developed a language that…

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  • Horsemanship Radio Interview – and a Free Gift!

    One of my very special friends is Debbie Roberts-Loucks, Monty and Pat Roberts’ daughter. We’re the same age, both love horses, and like to laugh a lot. It is always a pleasure to receive an interview request from her and with this one, I’ve included a special gift. Listen here for the interview. Debbie is…

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  • Image of Carl & Pegasus jumping in the Cavallo Trek Hoof Boot.
    Announcing the #1 Hoof Boot in The World

    This newly published video is a broad-ranging, well researched and impartial assessment of protective horse boot options available to consumers. The first boot ranked is a protective leg boot and the second boot ranked is a hoof boot. This makes the Cavallo Trek the #1 HOOF BOOT IN THE WORLD! Trek is the premium model…

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  • Image of Carole Herder's horses Slash and Dot laying down together in the winter months.
    Horses in Winter Conditions

    Horses in Winter Conditions have certain things they must deal with. I am not talking about winter in Florida, or even Northern California. I am talking about real winter. Winter Conditions when everything freezes, including you. Winter conditions when you muster every ounce of courage to get out there, yet again, and care for your…

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  • Cavallo Keeps You Safe during Hunting Season

    Hunting season is upon us, which means you need to take extra precautions when heading into the woods with your horse. These tips can help both you and your horses stay safe during your trail rides. Find Out Where Hunting Is Permitted Find out where hunting is permitted. Many conservation lands allow hunting, so chances…

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  • Mahalo! A Testimonial from Hawaii

    This is how it all started. A few weeks ago, we received a request from Hawaii.. Aloha Carole My name is Lori and I work for the Mayor of Honolulu. The May or has been riding my horses in various parades and the rule the parades have is that every horse needs to be shod. It’s…

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  • Speaking at Equine Affaire

    AT Last the bleachers were full! This was truly a magnificent turn out for my talk at Equine Affaire in Massachusetts last week. It wasn’t just that over 500 people came to listen to me speak about the reasons and ways to care for barefoot horses, it was the variety of motives for being there….

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