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  • Sue Grice's horse Frodo with Laminitis - Cavallo Hoof Boots
    Frodo – A Laminitic Horse with Some Healing to do!

    Sue Grice, well-known UK Horsewoman, thought she might lose her beloved Gypsy Cob when he was given a Laminitis diagnosis.  It’s what every horse owner fears most, and it had happened to Frodo. Is Laminitis Your Enemy?  Here’s How to WIN Frodo was down for the count when Sue discovered the real benefits of using Cavallo…

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  • Horse Jumping at Rolex
    The Ultimate Test of Horse and Rider

    photo by Ben Radvanyi courtesy of It’s THE ultimate test of horse and rider! One event, three disciplines, testing the resolve of the timeless partnership between horse and rider – ROLEX is this weekend! It’s at the very beautiful Kentucky Horse Park and we, Cavallo will be there! This is our first time at…

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  • Cavallo Rhythm of the Ride

    Patterns of repeated sounds and silences create rhythm.  A rhythm has a steady beat.  Since you have surely listened to music if not also played an instrument or sang, you’re very familiar with the nature of rhythm – long and short beats, fast and slow tempos. A single piece of music can incorporate many different…

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