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  • Cavallo Hoof Boots
    Those Incredible Equines: Horses Can Recognize Human Emotions

    Have you ever noticed a difference in your horse on days when you’re feeling sad? Maybe he’s softer and quieter with you – it almost seems like he knows you’re upset. And the same can be true of days when you’re feeling on top of the world as you enjoy a canter across a field. Your horse might throw in an exuberant buck or two in his excitement.

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  • Patting or Scratching?

    By Carole Herder Finally! One of my pet peeves has been analyzed through scientific study and the right answer has come about! Do horses prefer to be scratched or patted? In the grand scheme of things it is probably not a life-changing question, but it bothers me immensely when riders, particular top competitors on their…

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