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  • Carole and Greg at SPOGA
    Shining Stars from the Desk

    Cavallo Abroad Cologne, Germany is offering an interesting muddle of humanity as Mardi Gras preludes Oktoberfest. The world’s party animals are on parade through the cobblestoned labyrinth of corridors they call streets. Flamboyant plumes of every color billow above mobs of purple spun hair and glittered faces. Smiles flash intermittently with whoops of cheers for…

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  • Cavallo Carole Herder Presentation
    Equine Affair 2017

    What makes shows like the recent Equine Affair so special? It’s the people AND the horses. I loved watching Guy Mclean while he courageously trained an errant young horse during performance. Who does that? Most clinicians want to show their well-trained horses. It’s very good for us amateurs to see that even the experts have…

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  • Team Cavallo at SPOGA

    By Carole Herder Rusty hues of gold and orange crinkle down through the filtered sinking sun. October arrives, seasons change and I get back to my desk after our annual excursion overseas. This trip is a big effort. It’s now been ten years of travelling to Europe in September to meet our World Wide Distributors….

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