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  • Cavallo Boots Help Forest Fire Horses

    2021 – A Terrifying Year for Wildfires This year’s forest fires tore through land, homes, barns and displaced families–and their horses. At the start of October 2021, 46,500 wildfires had burned 5.9 million acres in the United States. Another 10.33 million acres burned in Canada, Wikipedia reports. We couldn’t just stand by and watch the…

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  • White Line disease hoof seedy toe Cavallo hoof boots
    Pilot’s Triumph Over White Line Disease

    Looking White Line Disease in the Eye “Just thought I’d share about a rescue horse who had the worst case of White Line Disease (also known as Seedy Toe) that two vets had ever seen. They said it would not be a bad idea to have this horse euthanized, due to the severity of his…

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  • Cavallo Hoof Boots…For Healing!

    By Carole Herder Which piece of equipment would you like to see on your horse’s hoof??   Believe it or not, the first image is a homemade hoof bandage made of cotton wool, brown paper and duct tape! It was ‘designed’ to keep poultices and wound dressings in place but as you can imagine, had…

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