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  • Cavallo – The Top Choice for Boots Over Metal Shoes

    Do you Know a Horse with Metal Shoes Who Needs a Bit Extra?  As an inventor and designer of horse hoof boots, there are always questions coming into my inbox. When I see big trends and the same questions asked again and again, I know there is a need that our boots are either addressing…

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  • Cavallo CLB Hoof Boots - Train on any terrain
    A Barefoot Show Horse?  Can you Really Have it All?

    Show Training your Barefoot Horse on All Terrain is Possible! I love getting questions from you all in response to the fun newsletters we send out. This Summer, someone who enjoys driving with their miniature horses asked about how to keep them barefoot. They want to keep their minis’ hoofs as healthy and natural as…

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  • OUCH – Lose the Bruise!

    Bruising of the sole – what causes it and how can it be remedied? Below are some of the more common causes of sole bruising in horses: Stepping on a rock Laminitis Pedal bone rotation Excessive hoof trimming Badly fitting shoes or shoes left on too long (leading to bruising and/or corns) First of all,…

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