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  • Honey's mini therapy adventure horse Cavallo Hoof Boots CLB Bling
    What’s your Cavallo Community up to?

    Your Cavallo Community provides Laminitis strategies and more! Fun Times with Laminitis – An Oxymoron? It’s funny – I find Laminitis is a topic NO ONE wants to talk about – yet everyone wants to hear about!  I suppose if you’re talking about it, it might mean you’re having to deal with it.  But LISTENING…

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  • Cavallo Green Black Trek Hoof Boots Review.2
    What is Merry Wearing on her Feet?

    A Question I’m Often Asked… What is Merry wearing on her feet? Recently, I’ve received a few comments on my photographs asking about Merry’s boots. The answer?  Cavallo Hoof Boots! I keep Merry barefoot; it suits our lifestyle perfectly. The most important reason why? Her comfort – and the positive side effect is that she…

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