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  • Welcome Yvonne Welz to Cavallo Hoof Boots Team LR
    We’re Over the Moon – Yvonne Welz Joins Cavallo!

    Yvonne Welz, Publisher of The Horse’s Hoof, Joins our Cavallo Hoof Boot Team We’re proud to announce that longtime publisher of The Horse’s Hoof Magazine, Yvonne Welz, is now part of Cavallo Horse & Rider’s Customer Service Team. After 20 years of magazine publishing, Yvonne is moving her publication and resources online in October 2020….

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  • Barefoot in the UK

    I though you all would be interested in a recent interview with a barefoot horse owner in the UK! Q1: Where are you from, what type of horse do you have and what do you use him for? I am from Essex in the UK and I have a 14.2 coloured gelding who is a…

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  • Monty Roberts on Barefoot Horses

    “Nature will dictate the angle that is appropriate for the leg conformation that it compliments. The surface of the earth will do a better job of trimming than any trained farrier could ever do. The absence of shoes will tease and condition the foot to grow and produce the strongest possible tissues so as to…

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