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  • Cost-saving Hoof Care Plan for Young Riders

    Cavallo Horse & Rider: Cost-saving Hoof Care Plan for Young Riders It’s refreshing to get questions coming in from young horse owners who are just starting out. And I love how these brave, young people are looking critically at traditional hoof care, and making their own decisions about what feels right for both them and…

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  • A very toothy horse
    Assist your Horse Through Season Change #3 – Long in the Tooth

    Different weather patterns and vegetal growth have a significant impact on animals who live outside. Transitioning between seasons can be challenging, especially when conditions change dramatically. Properly managing some vital practices will provide your horse with the best chance for weathering these potentially severe fluctuations. In the wild, horses have access to hours of grazing…

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  • What Has Your Horse Taught You?

    By Carole Herder What is the number one thing you have learned from horses? For me, my top lesson is definitely patience. More horses have taught me this than any other thing. Yes, some school masters will allow you to rush around and hurry things up but ultimately, you will still end up getting something…

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