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  • Assist Your Horse Through Season Change #4 – These Boots are Made for Riding

    Different weather patterns and vegetal growth have a significant impact on animals who live outside. Transitioning between seasons can be challenging, especially when conditions change dramatically. Properly managing some vital practices will provide your horse with the best chance for weathering these potentially severe fluctuations. Horses’ hoofs condition to tolerate the terrain of their habitat….

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  • Cavallos Have Sole… Either Sole for Any Style!

    Your Cavallos…Your Way Introducing the NEW Simple Slim & Sport Regular Hoofs Boots, giving you total freedom to choose the boot you LOVE! You asked and we delivered…  ALL Cavallo Boot Styles and Sizes are now available in Regular AND Slim Soles!  In addition to the ALL NEW TREK HOOF BOOTS – your horse can…

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