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Customer Testimonials

Cavallo is loved and supported by amazing people just like you. Love your experience with Cavallo products? Submit Your Review

    “Mounted Unit Finds Boots Invaluable

    “Our boots are extremely important while working on streets, protecting our mounts from slipping and hard ground. They are also important while we conduct searches in rough terrain for missing or lost hikers. Thank you for such an amazing, tough product.”

    —Mo Parga, DCSO Mounted Posse
    Cavallo Hoof Boots Saddle Pad Review

    “His Cavallo Saddle Pad Makes him Feel like he Can Fly!"

    "I’ve my Quarterhorse since he was 4 years old and I’ve shaped him into the horse he is today. I do Pony Club, western riding and fun days with him, and we enjoy every second of it. He always gives me 110% no matter how tired he is. I have a passion for the comfort and happiness of horses and people, coming from my area of work in vet nursing. I purchased a Cavallo Saddle Pad so I could improve my horse’s saddle fit, and let’s just say it makes him feel like he can fly! The difference is insane!"”

    —Emma Stephens-Hodder
    Cushings Laminitis Horse Hoof Boots

    “"I can definitely say money well spent!!!"

    "Thank you so much for the boots you make. You have absolutely saved my boy's feet! I can definitely say money well spent!!! After 6 months of strangles, he was stuck in his stable, which caused Cushings, Laminitis and destroyed his feet. Shoes would not stay on, and it got to the point where he nearly had no foot left. But within 5 months of using these boots, his feet are basically there! So, I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all!"”

    —Jess Cook

    “We were having problems with other boots staying on"

    "We have two barefoot Haflingers that do Combined Driving. My barefoot trimmer, Lynn Seeley, recommended Cavallo Boots, as we were having problems with other boots staying on in the marathon.
    Cavallos have been great...never had one come off, twist or get sucked off by mud! We have studs on them now, as surfaces can be really slick, and the studs help to grab. I love them!"”

    —Theresa (Ginny) Leal, Auburn, CA

    “My boy has had Low Ringbone and for years..."

    "My boy has Low Ringbone and I couldn't find boots for him that actually worked. Just a whole lot of lameness and unwillingness to walk on rough surfaces. I decided to Trek Boots and OMG, you guys! He is a whole new horse when riding in these boots. No limp, lameness, or short strides. He is willing to go wherever I point him, including our 2-mile gravel driveway gravel (which he wouldn't touch before). These are 100% worth the purchase and helped my boy tremendously. He is now confident and has more energy, but most importantly he is now comfortable! 10/10!"”

    —Dana Bopp

    “Reggie was moving like he used to as a young horse again!"

    "Amazing transformation AGAIN! Last year I purchased boots for my horse Reggie to use on his front hooves. WOW - JUST WOW! Reggie was moving like he used to as a young horse again! Riding him last year at a big popular trail ride was amazing with the difference the front boots made... Thank you to everyone at Cavallo for developing these amazing boots."”

    —Yvonne Morris, AZ
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    Cavallo Trek Boots riding donkey

    “They Fit my Donkey Perfectly"

    "Just got my Trek Boots for my riding donkey today: size 1 in the Slim Sole. They went on so easily. They fit perfectly. I can’t thank this company enough. Customer support through email at their office was excellent, too."”

    —Barbara Jacobs Gorzycki