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The Cavallo Team in China

Have you ever wondered where people get their nicknames?

Greg and I (Carole Herder, Cavallo President) recently spent a week in Southern China with our Team. We have become so accustomed to calling them by their self and other appointed handles, that I struggle to remember what their original names are.

Here we go – let’s start with the ladies from left to right: Cookie ( sweet isn’t it?) because she takes pride in the fabulous meals she cooks, Faya (nice ring to it) because she started calling herself Faye, but in China they often add an “a” at the end of names. Yours Truly, me in the middle. Myslee, because Anita’s last name is Lee and we started calling her Miss, but she is actually married with a beautiful eight year old daughter, so should really be a Ms. Or Mrs. And then there is Bessa, because Bess is short for Elizabeth and China custom calls for the suffix “a”. The boys left to right are TJ, our partner in the Cavallo Hoof Boot factory. Yes you guessed it – Trevor Johnson. Greggy, and that suffix “y” is actually Australian tradition. Honestly if the “Aussies” can put an “ie” or “y” at the end of your name, forget being called anything else. And Mr Leo, named by us because his real name is really impossible for us to pronounce.

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