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Tips for Staying Cool on the Trails from Cavallo

While it’s the perfect time to hit the trails, the recent heat wave that’s spread across much of the country can make staying cool on the trails a challenge. These tips can help you and your horse to stay cool during your trail ride.

Wear the Right Clothing

When you’re heading out for a ride on a hot day, wear lightweight, breathable clothing. Look for clothes in light pastel colors – darker colors will attract and absorb the sun. You may consider activewear clothes designed with vents under the arms and even in the back, but beware – sun can get through holes or vents, so it’s important to wear lots of sunscreen when using these shirts.

As for riding pants, look for breeches made of lightweight, breathable clothing. You may be more comfortable if you forego knee-high boots and wear paddock boots or other ankle boots such as Cavallo Flumes.

Use Body Cooling Bands and Vests

There are a variety of body cooling neck bands and vests which can help to keep your body temperature down during your ride. Some of the vests are water-activated and need to be soaked in cold water, while others use cold pack inserts.

Monitor Your Horse’s Condition

As you ride, be sure to keep a close eye on your horse’s condition. Look for signs that your horse is getting too hot, such as him becoming lethargic, stumbling, sweating profusely or stopping sweating, and breathing rapidly. If you notice that your horse is becoming too hot, dismount, remove your saddle, take your horse to a shaded area, and offer him water if possible.

Carry Water with You

Horse Hoof BootsIt’s always a good idea to carry water with you on the trails. You can carry multiple insulated water bottles in your saddle bags. If you’ll be riding near streams, then bring along a sponge on a string so that you can wet down your horse from the saddle.


Ride in the Early Morning or Evening

Finally, try to beat the heat by heading out on the trail in the early morning or the early evening. Temperatures are generally lower during these times, and you and your horse may be more comfortable.

Watch for Sparks

Riding in dry areas with metal shoes can be very dangerous, especially with increased Hot horseshoe speeds. Make sure you watch for sparks of the metal on rocks, so disastrous fires can be averted. Better yet, always use your Cavallo Hoof Boots.

Have a great time on your trail rides!

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