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Transforming to Hoof Boots

I am Donna Jensen of Paradise Valley, AZ. I have shown horses successfully since the age of 12, beginning with my quarter horse, Susie Duke, two-time Western Pleasure “World Champion.” Recently my interests have turned away from breeding and maintaining horses in training and the show ring and more toward fun, relaxation and enjoying our horses. That decision lead toward the purchase of my quarter horse, Tippy, a successful Reiner and occasional versatility ranch horse trained by Ben Balow of Prescott, AZ. Tippy opened a whole new world to me with versatility ranch horse events including reining, cutting, working cow horse, roping and trail. There wasn’t anything he wasn’t willing to do or learn. We attended NVRHA clinics and practiced at home and in 2009 and 2010, Tippy earned the title of Reserve National Champion Versatility Ranch Horse.

During my entire life with horses, I never considered letting my performance horses go without shoes. In May 2011 as a finalist in ACTHA’s “America’s Favorite Trail Horse”, I met Carole of Cavallo who brought my attention to Tippy’s contracted heels. The more I learned about the benefits of going barefoot for the long-term health of my horse, the more I became convinced and I then couldn’t get Tippy’s shoes off of him fast enough. It has taken over 50 years for me to realize all the benefits of allowing a horse’s feet to expand and support his body naturally. I’m excited about this decision and look forward to Tippy’s feet returning to good health and comfort. With the support of good quality hoof boots such as Cavallo, my horse and I will enjoy many more years of riding together. Here is a picture of Tippy’s shod foot. I will write in again soon with photos showing his new trim. And I will keep you posted as we go.

Thank you Carole and Thank you Cavallo!

Donna Jensen

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