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Travel Well, Travel Safe, Travel Protected with Cavallo

Want to give your horse a treat while trailering?

Travel Well, Travel Safe, Travel Protected. 

Did you know that more than 50% of the injuries horses sustain in transportation are to the lower limbs? Ranging in severity, from treatable surface wounds to irreparable impairment, the main causes are scrambling, loss of balance, and conflict with other horses.

Why Risk It?

You can easily protect your horse’s feet with any of our Cavallo Hoof Boot styles. They ensure proper traction to prevent scrambling and minimize the impact of any incident.

Are you Grinding your Horse’s Gears?

The vibration of travel can aggravate your horses’ joints, muscular and skeletal structure, making your horse sore and stiff. Just pop on your Cavallos for overall protection, increased traction, and shock absorption.  Prevent metal shoes from being pulled off or causing damage to legs or your trailer!

Your horse will be so happy…he won’t want to leave the trailer!


* Special thanks to Sue Grice for sending in this sweet video of her horse clearly LOVING Transport Air!  

Wishing you many happy trails and road trips,

Carole Herder's book - There are no Horseshoes in Heaven







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