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Rather than trying to help the world of horse racing from the outside, Greg and I (Carole, Cavallo President) agreed to the opportunity of part ownership of a fabulous young horse called Travis. He is by King of Prussia and the dame is Park Parade.

Travis was busy having a swim when we got to Flemington in Melbourne for our visit. Although he is sleek and muscular there really isn’t much of him. He is still just a baby but put together very well. Here’s me the alternative natural Barefoot Lady, with a shod horse in a very conventional industry. Life is so strange sometimes!

We brought our Travis some Cavallo hoof boots and encouraged the trainer to pull the metal shoes off and use them as often as possible. Of course, it is still illegal to race without metal plates – even on the fabulous green turf at Flemington!! And of course, “we can’t let him be barefoot during the season, because there are a few rocks around”. Hmmm wonder what they would think if they heard how we fill our paddocks with rocks intentionally to facilitate our barefoot programs!  This is an industry that requires some attention. At Cavallo one of our mottos is “Changing the World – one horse at a time”. When other trainers see Travis strutting around in his Cavallos – it may give them pause to ponder. What if?

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