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Trek Green – Not Just Another Pretty Boot!

Cavallo Trek Green Hoof Boots for Laminitis

They’re Green, they’re Gorgeous and they’re Worth their Weight in Gold

Cavallo Hoof Boots - Green Trek Testimonial“Hi Carole,

I’m so glad I saw your special on the lime Green Treks.  I bought 2 pair – size 2 for my mare, and size 3 for my navicular gelding.  And I 💕 all the little gifts that came with this good deal!  I’ve already put a bunch of miles on my mare’s pair and we have no trouble with them staying on.  We ride in some pretty hilly and rocky country and sometimes water and mud.  Since my gelding has navicular, I don’t ride him very often but when I do, his pair helps him be more comfortable.  I took the attached photo the day I tried the boots on them.  Cisco seems to be saying to Chula “look, new shoes!  We can BE somebody!”  And being a mare, Chula is not impressed.  Thanks for making a great product.”

– Cindy Middleton

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