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Trek Tops Santa’s List for Shod and Barefoot Horses

Both Shod and Barefoot Horses LOVE Cavallo!

Green Cavallo Trek Hoof Boot Christmas GiftAccording to Santa himself, our Trek Boot is topping Christmas lists for all horses this season! Whether shod or barefoot, Cavallo Trek Hoof Boots provide the traction and support to help all equines. Cavallos help them feel more comfortable on rough terrain, during trailer rides or while training on gravel or in the arena. Cavallo is the source for holiday gift-giving for equines and equestrians—no matter your budget. Here’s a closer look at our top offerings, as well as useful stocking stuffers and gifts for your friends at the barn….

The Best Surprises

Trek Tops the List: Trek Hoof Boots are the toughest multi-purpose boots on the market and also help during any hoof rehab. They’re well-known for being flexible, breathable, and providing comfortable performance. Pop them on for traction and comfort during trailer rides (even over shod hooves) or ride with through water, on any terrain, and even over jumps!

Emma Massingale's minis in Cavallo CLB Bling Hoof BootsBoots with Bling: Our Cavallo ELB “Bling” Hoof Boot makes a sparkling gift for those who love fashionable tack! Bling CLB Boots are available for ponies and miniatures, too! We never forget about our little friends!

Simply the Perfect Gift: The Cavallo Simple Boot blends timeless leather with a modern design. This durable, classic hoof boot has a sophisticated look and is so easy to put on.

Cute and Little: CLB (Cute Little Boot) Mini Hoof Boots are the ultimate shiny gift for smaller equines! They now come in Black, Bling, Metallic Blue and Unicorn Pink, to please every fashion-conscious mini-equine! Little ones can enjoy comfort and increased traction on asphalt, trails and slick, indoor floors.

Saddle Up for a Brand New Year

Cavallo Total Comfort System Saddle Pads compensate for inevitable problems in weight distribution. Horses are most comfortable when weight is evenly distributed along their muscular structure. Specially engineered to contract and expand where needed, Cavallo pads use a combination of materials that mold to your horse’s body, absorbing shock and easing saddle fit problems. TCS pads can even correct bridging problems, and improve issues with low or high withered horses. These pads take care of concerns relating to growth, fitness level, and aging.

Barn-Buddy Gifts & Stellar Stocking Stuffers

Brighten the Way to Safety: 3M Reflective Straps for Cavallo Trek & BFB Boots will brighten a horse’s boots and ensure that the horse and rider team is seen when riding at night. Velcro® straps slide in on the Trek or BFB Boots you already have!

Ride through the Icy Season: Cavallo Hoof Boot Studs give the gift of increased traction for barefoot and shod horses. Use any regular drill to apply the studs to the tread of the horse’s boots to ride more safely in treacherous winter conditions. The Cavallo Stud Application Kit is a perfect way to start using studs for the first time. It contains the Cavallo Hoof Boot Studs and an application tool for your drill.

It’s the Little Things that Make a Big Difference

Cushioned Support for Hard Winter Ground: Cavallo Gel or Comfort Pads slip right inside your current Cavallo Hoof Boots. If you have any horses on your Christmas list with laminitis or on stall rest, these pads can offer a lot of extra comfort. They fit all Cavallo Hoof Boots sized 0-6 and are sold in pairs. The new Cavallo Cushion Pads are available in 5mm and 10mm thicknesses in sizes 0-6 and 10mm in BFB sizing. Check out all the Cavallo Pad options and keep horses feeling great every day, on every ride.

A “Little” Cushion: For your mini equines wearing Cavallo CLBs, we now have Cavallo CLB Hoof Boot Pads made of a microcellular foam compound that absorbs shock and concussion. Add the pads into your CLB Cute Little Boots during hoof therapy/rehabilitation or for extra comfort during driving and cart-pulling activities, equine-assisted therapy, extra traction on indoor floors, turnout, trails, and more.

Wrap up the Season Right: Cavallo Comfort Sleeves and Pastern Wraps protectively cover your equines pastern area for extra comfort during unusually long rides, while breaking in new boots or to help snug up the fit of your boots right after a trim. They function much like a sock inside a shoe – so cozy!

Need Help Deciding?

If you need more info so you can decide which Cavallo products make the best gift option for the equine(s) in your life, we’re here to help! Call us toll-free at 1-877-8181-0037, email us at, or message on us on Facebook. For more fun gift ideas, don’t forget to check out our Cavallo apparel HERE!

Gifts for Barefoot and Shod horses

 Happy trails and happiest holidays to you,

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