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Trimming and Hoof Boots

Another happy Cavallo customer!

Thank you for the Cavallo Trim Manual. We use Cavallo Sport Boots on my Tennessee Walker/Spotted Saddle Horse and the Simple Boot on my wife’s Rocky Mountain Horse following trims. It seems any farrier we use is always in a hurry and one farrier we used for a long time left the Rocky’s front feet so out of balance his left hoof cracked twice in the same place. The heels were so uneven our Vet said it was like the result of an earthquake on his feet. One side high and one side low so it cracked again! He had front shoes on at that point as we were trying desperately to correct the cracking problem.

He’s barefoot again now, and the Cavallo Hoof Boots are helping him manage the trails in comfort again. Your manual will be of great help to us.

God bless and keep up the great work. We will always use Cavallo Boots on our trail horses.

Jack Chaneyworth, USA

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