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Twenty Horsey Things to Do Before You Die

Most of us have heard of a ‘bucket list’. How about creating a horsey bucket list? Below are some suggestions that we think all riders and horse lovers should try at some stage. See how many you have done, or would like to do. Or better yet, how about making your own list!

1. “Join Up” with your horse (check out our associate Monty Roberts)
2. Swim with your horse in the sea
3. Ride side-saddle
4. Go on a horseback safari
5. See a horse sold for more than a million – Keeneland in Kentucky has the biggest sales
6. Ride in a charity race
7. Jump a single barrel (I’m aiming for this one, and the barrel has to be standing up!)
8. Ride an Icelandic in tölt
9. Go riding across Mongolia
10. Try your hand at horseback archery
11. Step out in some bling! Get yourself (or rather your horse) a pair of brightly colored Cavallo hoof boots!
12. Have a driving lesson, without the car (yes I’m talking about carriage driving)
13. Learn to play polo
14. Spend a day at the Calgary Stampede – rodeo at its best
15. Go on a barefoot trimming course/seminar/workshop
16. Watch the action on the frozen lake at St Moritz
17. Herd cattle across the plains of Montana, or any cattle ranch
18. Ride a bucking bronco – not a real one, unless you want to, see #14 above!
19. See a foal being born
20. Watch the Spanish Riding School perform

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