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Update – Hoof Boots Save Foundered Mare

Some of you may remember the previous posts we published about this horse.  If you missed them, you can catch up on the progress by clicking here and the second part is here. Below is the happy ending – a healthy barefoot horse.

Lilla Gumman is now leading the pack when her owner takes her out on a trail ride. Margareta says she is better now than before she had her catastrophic founder in September 2010. Her rotation in her hind feet was 30 degrees with coffin bone penetration.  Lilla rides in Cavallo Simple hoof boots on all 4 feet. She LOVES them! We have a a park (previous dump) with 2 huge hills. Lilla cantered all the way to the top ahead of all the other riders. Margareta was overjoyed to have her Lilla Gumman back better and more sound than before. Her simple boots stay on, are completely comfortable and she is totally athletic and gaits beautifully in them. To have her move ahead of all the other, younger horses says a lot about Lilla and her simple boots. They work!

I had given the soft terrain trim to Lilla 4 months ago and she is so much sounder with the new trim. The best Christmas present I could have was to see my Lilla so happy and with healthy hooves once again, riding the trails with her lifetime companion Margareta.

Marianne Allen
Advanced Natural Hoofcare
Instructor of the South Florida Trim for Soft Terrain Horses
The Florida School of Natural Hoofcare South West Ranches

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