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We’re Famous!

Roberts Creek Beach

Cavallo Horse & Rider is located on the spectacular Sunshine Coast in BC, Canada.  It’s a small town (that’s quickly becoming a large one!). Our offices are here, in amongst the trees and pastures.  We – and our animals, feel very fortunate to live here.

Cavallo Worldwide

At the present, Cavallo Hoof Boots are sold in more than 26 countries Worldwide.  Here, in this little town, when I am asked what I ‘do’, people are surprised when I tell them that my company, Cavallo, is a ‘hoof boot’ company.  You mean “hoof” like horses? Yes –  and I must then explain the function of the hoof, and why hoof boots are such a popular choice over metal shoes among horse owners.  It’s always interesting to watch people’s faces as they process this information.  “Wow!  What a great idea! Why hasn’t anyone done this before?”  It’s the pain free thing.  And our inherent love for horses.  Whether people have ridden or not or even been around horses, they see horses as the freedom, nature and wildness that we innately long for.  We just want to see horses living naturally, pain free.  And they get it.

Cavallo – Locally!

Roberts Creek in the Snow

Roberts Creek in the Snow

Recently, our local newspaper, The Coast Reporter, printed an article about Cavallo.  As you likely have seen, we had a social media post about Cavallo go viral at Christmas that got us a LOT of worldwide attention!  This video post was produced by our favourite Female Equine Adventurer, Emma Massingale. Our local paper felt that our community would be interested to know that we are here in Roberts Creek, tucked away, doing a VERY unique thing.  We were completely bowled over by the local response to the article!  Everywhere I go now, I have people coming up to me saying “So THAT’S what you do!  That is SO COOL!”.  People are fascinated.  It has been a lot of fun for us, and we see it as one more small step toward educating the public about the needs of horses.

Here is a link to the Coast Reporter article – We hope you love it!

Happy Trails,

Carole Herder's Signature

Carole Herder's Signature


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