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We’re in this Together, Gal!

Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots Community

Hello Women of Cavallo Community, and all the wonderful men who love and support us,

carole Herder and Greg Giles - Cavallo Hoof Boots It’s a day to honour Women! As the only female president of a hoof boot manufacturing company, a business and industry that is still male-powered and dominated, I feel compelled to say ‘hello’ to you, our women customers. It’s International Women’s Day! Cavallo is celebrating being a pretty much all-female company, except for Greg, who makes up enough testosterone for three men, but that’s beside the point. The point is, we, us, and you, are a community of women, who care about each other, and each others’ animals. Over 75% of our Cavallo Community is women.

In these Very Trying Times, we Need to Honour our Attributes

But wait. Let’s start with what we don’t have. It’s hard to handle the fence post-pounder, build a barn, and throw 80-pound hay bales. Our guys can rock that all day long.

We are the carers, more emotional, complex and kind. We are the thinkers, the feelers, the many-taskers and the counters. I know this is a broad brush and either gender can be more of the other. It’s just that, right now in this crazy trauma time the world is in, it’s the feminine energy that nurtures us through. Let’s send that unconditional love that our dogs do. Let’s depend on each other as our children depend on us. Let’s stand in our beings and be part of the herd. The herd of humanity. All of us living on this planet together.

Let’s Not Let our Brains Divide Us

We're all in this together - Cavallo Hoof BootsSure, we have that often-nasty reptilian brain, that makes us fight for money, power, and social status. It has indeed brought us through and has also taken us away from caring for each other to compete and struggle against each other. One-up-man-ship. “You must be wrong so I can be right”. Divisiveness.

Now it’s time to use this reptilian brain function instinct for the good of our entire species. Think survival and self-preservation on this planet.

So How do we do it?

Stick together. Empathy, acknowledgement, understanding and kindness. We are in this together, gal, and if we must bonk our guys on the head (gently!) to make them understand – DO it.

Happy International Woman’s Day!



In celebration of St Paddy’s Day, we’re throwing a massive sale in hopes those leprechauns use their magical powers to spread good in the world. Watch for it on March 17!

Wishing you many happy trails, enjoying connection with those around you,


Carole Herder Cavallo Hoof Boots Signature

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