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When the White Line is Out of Line!

There are various theories of the cause of White Line Disease. One theory is that it’s an invasive fungus which enters the area through the sole. Another is that bacteria enters as a result of injury and damage to the hoof wall. It can also be a result of chronic laminitis, which, in itself has several causes. And finally, some current theory holds that it’s a metabolic disturbance involving aging. Now this too, can be a result of various factors. Why did the wall or sole become weak enough to allow invasive bacteria to enter? Why does the disease take hold when some horses get injured and not others?

Red ProFlex and Trek w splint CROPPEDSimply put, catching it early is a big part of the battle. You should start by cleaning and examining the hoof regularly, looking for any signs of trauma, sores, disturbances or openings in the hoof wall and sole. If something looks questionable, treat it. You can use preventative methods easily by turning to a natural treatment that is not toxic or does not have negative side effects. I always suggest apple cider vinegar for bacterial problems and tea tree oil for wounds. White Line disease does not like air. It’s called an Anaerobic Condition, thriving on an absence of oxygen. When you apply a treatment, you can protect it and keep it in place with your Cavallo Hoof Boots, but the area also needs air to heal. It’s a bit of a balancing act to alternate between treatment and air exposure – in this case do not leave your boots on 24/7. You can also cover the drainage holes on your Cavallos and then pour a soaking solution into them. It’s a great way to soak the hoof without having to stand your horse in a bucket. Then after a 30-60-minute soak, dry the hoof well and expose the clean treated hoof to air. Check frequently. If it doesn’t respond to your treatment quickly, call your vet.

Stop it While You Can!

This disease is most often progressive and can reoccur. After you’ve treated the symptom, look for the original cause. Balancing the hoof is of utmost importance. Your trimmer should be well versed in front to back, side to side balance. With a white line problem, separation is usually present. Think of it like leveraging the hoof wall away from the hoof, like a long fingernail being pulled away from the finger. Ouch! This detachment can be corrected with proper trimming.

Blood and movement – Powerful Medicine

Mr. Boy in the UK, using Cavallos to give him relief

Mr. Boy in the UK, using Cavallos to give him relief

The nutrients in freely flowing blood can help heal the problem and prevent further damage to the hoof, and movement helps blood circulate. He may be a bit sore, so use your Cavallo Hoof Boots to protect his feet and get your horse in motion. Increasing the nutrients and oxygen with increased blood flow will go a long way towards wellness. Proper circulation helps to encourage the hoof strength and elasticity required to support your horse from the ground up.

Wishing you many happy trails in Cavallos!

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