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Who is Cavallo?

By Carole Herder

Cavallo Horse & Rider Inc. was founded in 1993 by me, Carole Herder. I designed and developed the Total Comfort System Saddles Pads to address one of the “hot spots” for horses ridden under saddle – their sore backs. I believe that caring for horses’ naturally and keeping them barefoot is essential to their long term health and well being. My passion is to help other horse owners around the world to do the same. CEO, Greg Giles joined the team in 2004 bestowing his wealth of manufacturing experience, commerce and marketing to the Cavallo Team.

Together we developed the range of Cavallo hoof boots to help change the 1500 years of tradition – pounding metal into horse’s feet. Cavallo boots are now distributed in 28 countries. Tens of thousands of horses every year are benefiting from the comfort and protection provided to their hoofs while being ridden on any terrain at any speed. No more nailing metal into their feet.

In 2010 I won the Royal Bank of Canada western division Trail Blazer Woman Entrepreneur of The Year Award, not because my company is worth millions or because we hold 50 patents, but because we are changing tradition, changing the world, blazing the trail to something new and better. I speak at horse shows and other events around the world on my own horses’ experience and the knowledge I’ve accumulated over extensive study of natural hoof care, the barefoot movement, industry experts and the development of hoof boots. I co-authored the book The Cavallo Barefoot Trim, have contributed articles for various publications including Equine Wellness and have a genuine passion to help educate horse owners.

Mr. Giles and I are now partners in life as well as business. It’s really been an amazing journey and we are thrilled to be surrounded by a powerful team of like minded experts. The Cavallo Team is dedicated to developing and distributing innovative products of excellent quality that provide comfort, protection, safety, security and support for both horse and rider. Here is our core team keeping the business going, changing the world one horse at a time.

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