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Winter Time is Barefoot Time!

Winter Riding in Cavallos

Is NOW Your Time?

For many of us this year, the Summer lasted on into the Fall, and we’re now just starting to feel the cooler weather rolling in.  Unwelcome flashbacks of slush and snow are returning to mind, as we’re slowly (and somewhat reluctantly!) accepting this time of change.

But the change to Winter can bring great things!  Barefoot things!  Perhaps you’ve heard about the benefits of re-establishing proper hoof mechanism?  Do you like the idea of allowing blood to flow freely into the live tissue of the structures that support your horse?  And you know all about the debilitating conditions that so many horses are plagued with: navicular disease, laminitis, ring bone, side bone, splints, arthritis and chronic thrush…  But did you know that these conditions can all be deterred by a practice that is simple, beneficial and cost effective?


Have I got your attention?

Now is the time to pull off those metal shoes!  To allow the frog to make contact with the ground and pump fresh blood through the coriums of the hoof.  To allow shock to be properly absorbed by the hoof, rather than referred back up the leg.  Studies have shown that horses endure an 800 Hz vibration each time metal shoe impacts a hard surface at a trot.  Imagine how that feels after tens of thousands of steps?

You’ve likely heard that the cost of hoof boots (even with trimming costs included) amounts to less than regular shoeing.  This financial difference is significant, but the real savings are the veterinary fees! Your horse’s overall strength, respiratory, circulatory and immune system will benefit.  A properly functioning hoof has the effect of nourishing and revitalizing the whole horse.

Most of us don’t ride as frequently during the winter months, so this time can be a great time for Hoof Boots: the most useful, practical and no-nonsenCavallo Hoof Boot Studs for Snow and Icese tool to assist in returning those feet to their rightful healthy state.  And if you do love a winter ride,  Cavallo Hoof Boots can be used in snowy conditions!   The boot soles naturally deter snow and ice from balling up inside the sole concavity,  and we have special Hoof Boot Studs, which provide traction on icy surfaces.

Are you feeling inspired to make going barefoot your Winter project? Please contact us for support with your horse’s best comfort and protection in mind. , or Toll-Free at 1-877-818-0037.  We’re here for you!

Happy Trails,

Carole Herder's Signature

Carole Herder's Signature

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