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Wrestling Navicular? Trust your Gut.

Deana Womack - Navicular Syndrome disease - Cavallo Hoof Boots

Wrestling Navicular? Trust your Gut. 🤠

“My vet wanted me to put egg butt shoes on with a riser wedge, due to my mates low heels. He said she was in the pre-navicular stages. Instead, I have this fantastic farrier that brought her heels up slowly with corrective trims. She has not taken a lame step in over 6 months! When I’m going out onto the trail I throw her Cavallo Boots on and GO! ❤️ Wrestling Navicular? Trust your Gut.

– Deana Womack

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Deana Womack - Navicular syndrom,e hoof disease - Cavallo Hoof Boots

Deana stuck to her gut and followed her heart – and her best friend thanks her!

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