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Your Cavallo News! April 2022

Lofty Therapy Mini Horses Equine assisted therapy
Celebrating Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots Community

Here’s some April action for you – enjoy your Cavallo News!

Enter to Win Unbelievable Comfort!

Our Hoof Boot Pad Party Pack Instagram contest was SO popular last month, we’ve decided to offer it again on our Facebook page! 

To enter our contest, leave us a comment on our Facebook post, telling us which Cavallo Pad you want to try most, and why!  You will automatically be entered in our draw to win a FREE Cavallo Hoof Boot Pad Party Pack! 🎁 Don’t use Facebook? No problem! Just send us a quick email to enter, at:  ($109.75 USD value ~ Contest details below)


Packed Presentations and Scary Stories (with Good Endings)!

Greg & Carole at Equine Affaire It’s been exciting to be back out with our amazing community again! My three presentations at Equine Affaire in Ohio were super well-attended. There were about 140 people at each one.  This was the first time I took questions during my talk, rather than at the end, so we had real conversations about the issues people wanted to know about. Topics like, what happens when we change the feed program, say from a grassy pasture to strictly hay? How long does it take to transition to barefoot and booted? Back at the booth, Greg and I were visited by Cavallo Crusaders all day long! We got to hear so many stories. One story that really stands out was from a woman who thought they were about to ride through a big patch of leaves that actually turned out to be quicksand! Surprise! And when they finally got her horse out, he still had his Cavallos on! So many good friends and wonderful horse people. It was a fabulous four days. I miss everyone already and look forward to going back next year! A Moment in Time: To get a feel for the electric atmosphere during one of Carole’s Talks at Equine Affaire, WATCH HERE to drop in for a moment!

❤️Horses: Mood-Altering Drug of Choice

Lofty Therapy Horses in the UK makes a big difference to many lives around them. They do good work and make people very happy. Don’t you agree that we need more of this in our world? We think of this as fact: that equines possess an ability to touch people spiritually and emotionally in a way that’s almost magic. We’re proud that they trust our boots to use for their hard-working horses. The New Blackmorevale News Magazine just did this feature about Lofty Therapy Horses making powerful connections made during school visits – enjoy! Lofty Therapy Mini Horses Equine assisted therapy Lofty THerapy Mini Horses article - Horse therapy

We’re Goin’ to the Dogs (and We’re Okay with That!)

Sue Grice’s adorable dog, Tenjin, has an angle… He knows if his horse friends are comfortable, they all get to go on longer rides together! This little expert pays attention and gives some solid advice about booting your horse for maximum hoof health and comfort! Sue Grice is an accomplished dressage rider in the UK who has been using Cavallo Boots for years, through thick and thin… For Training, riding and hoof rehabilitation during Laminitis. We are always deeply honoured when Sue recommends our boots. 😀

What YOU’RE Saying:

We get asked all the time, can gaited horses really use Cavallo Hoof Boots? We don’t want to just tell you – we want to SHOW YOU! Thank you to Carly, who recorded this video so you can see: “My mare “walks” 19km/ hour, and her boots never even twist! I am sold on them! The boots stay on!!!! The ‘other brand’ I had before would fly into the bush immediately on this ride.”  – Carly Cook

Change Always Starts with One…

DCSO Mounted Posse using Hoof Boots

“Thank you, love my Cavallo Boots!!!”  – Mo Parga, DCSO Mounted Posse

This photo really hits close to the heart! To us, it symbolizes how change always starts with one. One person at the barn…one person on the mounted unit…one barrel racer showing up at an event, proudly walking their very comfortable horse out of the trailer after hundreds of miles with Cavallo Boots on. Over the years, we’ve seen hoof boots evolve from being a “movement” to becoming mainstream, and it’s all because of you special people who weren’t afraid to stand out a bit in order to give your horses the best care possible. Kudos to you!

Who Won our March Cavallo Pad Party Pack Contest?

We are pleased to announce our random winner for March’s Newsletter/Instagram contest. Congratulations to Denise Guitard from New Brunswick. She has been now been notified and her Pad Party Pack is on the way! We thank everyone for taking the time to participate, and your responses were fabulous!

 Be sure to keep an eye on our newsletters – we’ll have an exciting contest for you each month to come!  

Wishing you many happy trails out in that beautiful sunshine, – Carole Carole Herder Cavallo Hoof Boots Signature

Cavallo – The World’s Most Trusted Hoof Boot:

Cavallo horse hoof boot styles Cavallo Hoof Boot Pad Party Pack Instagram Contest Details: Winner will be chosen at random from comments on our Facebook post on Tuesday, May 3, 2022 and will receive a free pair of Cavallo Gel Pads, Comfort Pads, 10mm Cushion Pads, Protection Pads & Support Pads (5 pairs total), plus free shipping from Cavallo Horse & Rider! Prize holds no cash value ~ Cannot be combined with any other discount ~ Valid Canada & USA only ~ Winner will be announced on Facebook and here, in our Cavallo E-Newsletter.
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