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Your Cavallo News – April 2023

Celebrating Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots Community

It’s your chance to try EVERY Cavallo boot pad! To enter our contest, just leave us a comment on this post, telling us which Cavallo Pad you want to try most for your horse and why! You will automatically be entered in our draw to win a FREE Cavallo Hoof Boot Pad Party Pack! $109.75 USD value! (See contest details at the bottom of the newsletter)

Meet Us at Equine Affaire & Horse Expo Canada!

April 2023 Carole Equine affaire

HEAR ME SPEAK: I'm a Presenter at Equine Affaire Ohio this Week!

It’s an all-star list of presenters this year, including Guy McLean, Julie Goodnight and Jonathan Field! 

Where & When?

My presentation Not a Vet? Here’s an Easy Insight to Laminitis takes place Friday at 12pm at the Seminar Stage (Voinovich Center), and my second talk, 8 Most Important Horse Care Concerns and How to Handle Them will be on Friday at 5pm in the Demo Ring (Celeste Center). Check out the presenter’s schedule HERE!

What Will You Learn?

My first talk is tailored to the non-professional horse owner for the prevention, understanding and treatment of Laminitis. Listeners will receive a simple definition of the disease, a list and variety of its causes and a good arsenal of tools to employ should the illness strike. Although Laminitis can inflict merciless agony and is potentially fatal, it is curable with an understanding of realistic and appropriate information. Knowledge provides power and independence.

I’ll give an overview of horse care topics, including supplements, digestive and muscular systems, shelter and suitable environment options, training and innate behaviours, hoof function, lameness prevention and common sense.

Certain simple laws of nature and science support your horse’s hoofs and overall health. Understanding hoof function will help you ward off problems such as Laminitis, Navicular Disease, skeletal and muscular fitness and gut health. Even teeth, performance and attitude are affected by the health of the hoof.

Come by to Say Hi!

Carole Herder & Greg Giles - Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots

Greg and I would love to meet you! Come by our Cavallo booth anytime April 13 – 16 at the Ohio Expo Center in the Bricker Building, Booth 604. Tell us you read about this in our newsletter, and we’ll give you some Cavallo Bucks! 😉

Cavallo Bucks - Void image of Cavallo Hoof Boots coupon

North of the Border? Come See us at Horse Expo Canada!

Horse Expo Canada Logo

I’ll also be at Horse Expo Canada at Westerner Park in Red Deer from April 29-30. 

Come by our Cavallo booth to say hi and get your Cavallo Bucks! 💵

And in Equine Fashion News...

🦓 Can Stripes and Sparkles be worn together?

Zebra wearing Cavallo CLB Bling Hoof Boots

When you’re a zebra, breaking the rules of fashion only makes you even cooler! Nancy Nunke wrote us about her lovely Zebra: “Zavannah loves her CLB boots. With Laminitis, she could barely walk, and I would have to pull her into each step. Now she pulls me. Maybe I should get a pair for me, too!” 

Watch Nancy talk about her Hearts & Hands Rescue Sanctuary Family:

If you took the time to watch Nancy’s video, you might feel moved to make a donation to ensure that they can continue their heartfelt work. The rescue is still recovering from a financial hit caused by the Covid slowdown, and every donation (no matter how small) helps a great deal! 

The Horse's Hoof Makes a Comeback!

Yvonne Horse's Hoof Magazine Newsletter

Remember your beloved THE Horse’s Hoof Magazine? The first publication of its kind, it ran for 20 full years, impacting countless horses lucky enough to have owners who bravely became part of the barefoot & booted movement. 

Yvonne Welz is now continuing The Horse’s Hoof’s journey as a valuable online resource to reach even more conscious, curious and intelligent horse owners.

You can now sign up for your new The Horse’s Hoof FREE Newsletter HERE! When you sign up, you will automatically receive a PDF copy of The Horse’s Hoof 50th Issue in your email inbox!

A Booted Bounty for Patrick's Birthday

What do you get as a gift for a pony – a pony who also happens to be the Mayor of a town in England? Well, call us predictable, but we opted to give him CLB Hoof Boots! 

From Patrick’s owner, Kirk: “Patrick had a fantastic 5th Birthday today; thank you very much to everyone who got him a gift, card or sent a message. It has been quite overwhelming how much love he has received today!” 

What You're Saying:

Using Cavallo Hoof Boots at Showgrounds
“I LOVE how easy they are to put on!”
Don’t like the idea of your horse standing around on gravel or hard surfaces when at events?

Kristin Ann is so happy with her new Cavallo Trek boots! She plans to use them on this gorgeous two-year-old for standing around on the rocky areas on show grounds, “they are perfect!”

Cavallo FAQ Time!

Question: What's a Wonder-ful Way to Fit Test your Cavallos?

Fitting Cavallo horse hoof boots

We always ask our customers to protect their new boots to keep them in “as new” condition when trying them on for the first time. This is important in case you need to exchange your boots for another size. 

Trying them on a soft surface (dry grass, on a rug, etc.) is ideal, so the soles cannot be scratched. It’s also important to cover the hoof with thin plastic to keep them nice and clean. 

Sunny McAlister took her fit test to another level using polka-dotted Wonder Bread bags! 😂

If you want a refresher or would like to see how to measure and fit Cavallo Boots, watch our quick video:

Wishing you many happy trails,

-Carole Herder

Carole Herder Cavallo Hoof Boots Signature

Cavallo Hoof Boot Pad Party Pack Contest Details: Winner will be chosen at random from comments on this Facebook post on Thursday, April 27, 2023, and will receive a free pair of Cavallo Gel Pads, Comfort Pads, 10mm Cushion Pads, Protection Pads & Support Pads (5 pairs total), plus free shipping from Cavallo Horse & Rider! Prize holds no cash value ~ Cannot be combined with any other discount ~ Valid Canada & USA only ~ Winner will be contacted by Facebook PM and announced on Facebook and in our Cavallo E-Newsletter. 

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