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Your Cavallo News! December, 2021

Celebrating Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots Community

Instagram Contest - Win a pair of Cavallo Boots and Winter Studs!

Tell us your TOP reason Cavallo Studs help keep you and your horse safer in Winter on Instagram HERE and you will automatically be entered in our draw to win a FREE pair of Cavallo Hoof Boots and a Cavallo Winter Stud Kit – your choice of style and size! 🎁 (Contest details below)

MOVIE RELEASED: Reggie, A Millennial Depression Comedy

Co-stars Kiwi and Jacques Belliveau

A Depression Comedy We Can All Relate To!

The recently released feature film “Reggie” shares the story of chronically depressed Mitch and his journey to find inner peace. After yet another breakup, Mitch’s friends stage an intervention and steer him toward therapy to help him battle his issues with communication, depression and anxiety. Mitch reaches a breaking point and in a moment of impulsivity, he adopts a miniature horse who is also wrangling anxiety issues (so many of us can relate…right?). The ending? Well…you all know the magic that happens when equines come into our lives!

Kiwi, Cavallo-Sponsored dwarf mini, plays Reggie and he’s actually a therapy mini in real life! He works with renowned Stampede of Love Animal Assisted Therapy in Raleigh, NC. 

Kiwi’s Mom, Tara Needham, talks about Kiwi’s involvement in the movie in this very special podcast interview on Everyday Horsewoman:

Christmas à la Cavallo!

Emma Massingale's minis in CLB Bling

Trek is Topping Santa’s List for Shod and Barefoot Horses

If you asked your horse what her top three Christmas gifts would be, her answers would be: COMFY FEET, COMFY FEET…and COMFY FEET! 👣 

According to Santa himself, our Trek Boot is topping Christmas lists for both barefoot and shod horses this season! Cavallo is the source for holiday gift-giving for horses and equestrians. No matter your budget, check out our top offerings, as well as useful stocking stuffers for your beloved friends at the barn! Here’s a quick guide to the kindest gifts for your beloved:

Cavallo Trimmer Spotlight: Miriam Braun

Miriam Braun, Trimmer and Cavallo Associate Seller, shares about her journey in caring for horses with us:

“At the age of 20 I was hired as a stable manager at a training facility with about 20 to 30 horses. The facility specialized in stallion training, dangerous horses, breeding, etc. Therefore, many horses were stall-bound and only had an hour turnout daily, kept in 24×12 foot runs, or larger sand-paddocks in small groups. One of my responsibilities was overall care for all these horses. Observing the environments these horses lived in made it very clear that the environments had an enormous impact on hoof health, or lack thereof. With some obvious afflictions, we often turned to our main farrier.

We had a fabulous, Olympic-level farrier named Jim Peterson, who worked with most of the horses on the property. I was responsible for booking, prepping and handling the horses for Jim. And so as I watched, listened and enquired (satisfying my curiosity), it became clear that I had a deeper passion. It would take another four years before falling into another opportunity that gave me the way to becoming a professional hoof-care provider, but I never looked back!” – Miriam Braun, Stoke (Estrie), Quebec, Canada

What YOU'RE Saying

Barrel Racing Horse with Front Heel Pain

“A couple weeks ago I bought my first pair of Cavallo Boots, second hand (to help with front hoof heel pain) And now … I am going for a brand new pair! 🤗 It was a huge relief for my horse on our haul to Oklahoma. Held up great during turnouts, and in the warmup pens. Naturally, this let me make conversation with the owners of the barrel horses I ran with! Now being back in NC, I am able to recommend these boots to my massage clients who come to me in a big variety of shapes/ conditions!”

– Julia Fisher – Barrel Racer and Equine Massage Therapist

We Have a Winner!

November’s winner of our Facebook contest for a free pair of Cavallos is Pam Rearick! She messaged us saying she is SO excited as she has never won anything before! 

For the contest, we asked if you ever recommended Cavallo Hoof Boots to a friend.  WOW – Your answers and photos!  Thank you all for sharing, we really believe all of you have helped so many horses!

Keep an eye on our newsletters – we’ll have an exciting contest for you each month to come!

Wishing you many happy trails,
– Carole

Cavallo - The World's Most Trusted Hoof Boot:

Instagram Contest Details: Winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday, December 14, 2021 and will receive a free pair of Cavallo Hoof Boots (any style/colour) plus a Cavallo Stud Kit (or a pair of Cavallo Buckle Straps in place of Stud Kit) and free shipping from Cavallo Horse & Rider (Cavallo Hoof Boots). 

Prize holds no cash value ~ Cannot be combined with any other discount ~ Valid Canada & USA only ~ Winner will be announced on Facebook and in our Cavallo E-Newsletter. To sign up for the Cavallo Newsletter:
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