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Your Cavallo News! January/February 2023

Celebrating Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots Community

A Valentine's Day Gift for You & Your Equine

Cavallo Hoof Boots Free Laminitis Guide Download

We have a gift for you – a gift we hope you won’t need, but that we know will help if you do. Have you ever battled Laminitis, or is it something you worry could happen?

Healing from Laminitis can be a tough journey for a horse, and for us horse owners, it can be even more so. We feel their pain. This journey can be confusing, too, as you’ll find that recovery isn’t always a straight trajectory, but a combination of pieces that fall into place.  

Please enjoy this gift of information: The valuable information in this guide can also be applied to helping an equine heal from any hoof ailment or disease, so it’s always handy to have on hand!

Cavallo Hoof Bots Laminitis Guide

Where have Greg and I Been Lately?

Short answer… Saskatchewan!

Long answer: At a once-in-a-lifetime ceremony!

Our son recently graduated as a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) member, bringing much honour to our family. After completing an intense and gruelling 26-week training program at Depot, the RCMP Academy in Regina, Saskatchewan, he now has the distinction of being a working RCMP officer, serving his community and our country.

Graduation Day was an exciting and emotional experience we will never forget. A day of ceremony steeped in teamwork and tradition was an outstanding way to commemorate the dedication, long days and hard work these cadets put in at Depot. We couldn’t have been more proud of our son, seeing him march in his red serge uniform.

Find out more about the fascinating history of Canada’s RCMP HERE!

Greg at RCMP Saskatchewan 2023
Cavallo CEO Greg Giles
Carole Herder at RCMP Ceremony
Cavallo President, Carole Herder (Me!)

A Little Documentary About BIG Love

How better to celebrate Valentine’s Day than viewing this documentary about mini horses giving so much love and connection to children and adults who need it most? 

Honey’s Mini Therapy Adventures in Webster, Florida is an organization with a BIG heart! ❤️

Their mission is to use mini horses to enhance the quality of life of Individuals of all ages with limitations of physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioural disabilities and to help them find comfort, empowerment, self-esteem, unconditional love, strength, therapeutic interaction & value. 

New Book by Sue Grice: The Training Spiral

"With a happier horse and a happier rider, training should progress more quickly." - Sue Grice

The “Scales of Training,” “Training Scale,” and “Training Pyramid” are familiar terms to riders as a part of their equestrian education.

Dressage rider and trainer Sue Grice grew up with these concepts, too, and like many, found them to be not only fairly boring, but also confusing when it came to actually implementing them as part of daily training. She came to realize that few actually applied them in practice. 

Sue determined that this was because there was really no clear framework or methodology for implementing the system in a progressive manner. She conceived a new approach based on the standard, but with a focus on a better rate of success. Success could be achieved when the rider was engaged with the system and understood how to continually adhere to it, even as advances (or falters) might occur. 

For over 30 years she has continued to develop and apply her ideas, and now Sue has finally brought them together to share with the world.

  • In Canada & USA, join the wait list HERE!
  • Now available for pre-order in UK HERE! 
  • Visit the Australia distributor HERE!
Watch the Trailer for Sue's New Book:

Cavallo FAQ Time!

Using Cavallo Boots for the first time

How will my horse react to having boots on his feet for the first time?

Horses’ ancient survival mechanism depends on their ability to outrun predators. Healthy hoofs are crucial to survival. When you first put Cavallos on, your horse may lift his feet with curiosity and then, almost immediately, become aware that his soles are protected and more comfortable. His head drops, eyes relax, and the tongue comes out licking. He becomes calm and thankful.

Here’s a testimonial sent to us from a first-time boot user:

“I was blown away how quickly my Mare, Layla, showed relief wearing her Trek Boots…it took 40 seconds only. She licked and chewed at about 15-20 seconds wearing them, then started moving faster.

Her story was: my farrier had to trim aggressively to get rid of some bad splitting. My farrier suggested getting some boots to help for the transition till new growth. She was on Bute but now is pain-free. The boots also have the Comfort Pads in them, which I think made a huge difference. She holds her feet up patiently when I check them, she loves them. She’s a healthy mare but those Boots were a miracle. She’s trotting & doing all again totally pain-free…I’ll be ordering a set of boots for my gelding too. Plus now my rides should be even better!” – Elke East of Calgary, Alberta

CLICK HERE for more helpful Cavallo Hof Boot FAQ’s and answers!

What YOU'RE Saying

"My Vet Approved Them"

“My horse came down with Laminitis this summer, and he had Cavallos on all fours with the Pads. It relieved him so much and made the healing process faster. I’ve used Cavallos for ages, and I couldn’t imagine using any other boots! Also, my vet approved them. Pain free again, and Cavallo has a great part in that.” ❤️

– Tanja Pederse

Recommended by Member of Equine Podiatry Association UK:

“As an Equine Podiatrist working in the UK, I frequently recommend Cavallo Hoof Boots for horses recovering from Laminitis. They are easy to put on/take off and take a thick foam pad for sole protection nicely. I’m known professionally as Vikki Fear DEP MEPA and am a member of The Equine Podiatry Association (UK). Here’s a picture of my handsome boy in his green Treks, and some photos of fitting pads to the boots.”

– Vikki Fear

Vikki Fear Equine Podiatrist UK Cavallo Hoof Boots review.
Vikki Fear Equine Podiatrist UK Cavallo Hoof Boots review
Vikki Fear Equine Podiatrist UK Cavallo Hoof Boots review

Wishing you many happy trails,

-Carole Herder

Carole Herder Cavallo Hoof Boots Signature
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