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Your Cavallo News! March 2023

Celebrating Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots Community

Aaaaand the Best Dressed Award at the Oscars Goes to...
THIS Donkey!

USA TODAY Photo credit CLB Boots at Academy Awards with donkey & Jimmy Kimmel
Photo from USA Today Article: The Adorable Donkey Who Showed Up During the Oscars, Explained

"What are you Wearing Tonight, Miss?"

“What are you wearing?” has been a much-criticized question on the red carpet these days, but we found ourselves yelling it out when we watched the Oscars on Sunday! Out trotted a lovely support donkey at Jimmy Kimmel‘s side, wearing our Cavallo CLB (Cute Little Boots)!

Monday’s USA Today article really showed the CLB Boots rocking the stage at the Academy Awards (photo above). This beautiful little donkey was actually a stand-in for Jenny and Rosie, who were the two Irish donkeys who starred in the film The Banshees of Inisherin. The film also stars Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson and received nine nominations at Sunday’s award ceremony.

If only we knew this donkey was going to be making such a glitzy appearance, we would have sent her some CLB Bling Boots to strut on the red carpet in!

Always Telling People About your Cavallo Boots?

Well, we want to thank you... With CASH!

Cavallo Referral Program image

Sharing the word about Cavallo Boots helps horses, and now it can make you money! 

Our referral program is designed for you to refer first-time customers to try Cavallo Boots. We provide you with a unique link, and you can share that link on social media or by sending to your friends and family. When someone places an order after clicking on your link, you will receive $20 USD cash!

Are you Ready for a Shift in How you See your Horse?

To all of you who are willing to embark on a journey of self-discovery, I invite you to watch this inspiring video. Once you do, your perspective on horsemanship will forever be transformed. At first, you might not like what you see. You might feel guilt, shame, regret. But then a change will happen inside you. You might start feeling a desire to know more or feeling more hopeful. You will definitely start feeling closer to your horse.

For decades (even before I designed Cavallo Boots and Saddle Pads,) I have been noticing the behaviours mentioned in this video and have worked to educate other horse owners about how to better connect with their horses. When I saw this video it resonated deeply with me, and I’m delighted to see more and more people every day opening their eyes to the subtle communications offered by their equines.

I truly believe that being as conscious as possible in terms of reading your horse, and making the adjustments your horse is requesting, along with a natural barefoot program to prevent or alleviate lameness is the recipe to successful horsemanship.

What are the 24 Behaviours of the Ridden Horse in Pain?

Words from the Director of the Documentary:

We got in touch with Kathryn Lauritzen, the Director of this fine documentary, and asked her if she’d like to write something here about her documentary. Here’s what Kathryn had to say:
“We are beyond happy that Cavallo Horse & Rider reached out to say they wanted to share our documentary “The 24 Behaviors of the Ridden Horse in Pain: Shifting the Paradigm of How We See Lameness.” The film is based on Dr. Sue Dyson’s groundbreaking research on signs of pain in ridden horses. Her development of the “Ridden Horse Pain Ethogram” (RHpE) has proven that “bad” horse behaviour is often an early indication that the horse is in pain.  
“24 Behaviors of the Ridden Horse in Pain” dares to challenge the way we look at horses’ behaviour and promotes a shift in the conventional belief that lameness starts with a head bob. The film teaches horse lovers how to look for early signs of pain while taking viewers on an all too relatable, and very emotional journey of a young girl who loves her horse and will stop at nothing to help the mare be comfortable.
It was gratifying and yet not really surprising that Cavallo wanted to share the documentary. It seems to me that Cavallo has always been “fighting the good fight” when it comes to horse welfare! Thank you Cavallo for sharing our film!  And full disclosure… I have two pairs of Cavallos in my tack room!
– Kathryn Lauritzen / Padma Video

More Free Resources to Help your Horse:

Free 24 Behaviors Field Guide: 24 Behaviors was produced by Padma Video in partnership with the Train with Trust® Project. Their mission is to make animal behaviour info accessible to everyone and they just released a FREE downloadable Field Guide illustrating the 24 Behaviors for easy sharing and mobile use:

Free 24 Behaviors Worksheet: Designed as a companion to the Mobile Field Guide to the 24 Behaviors of the Ridden Horse in Pain, this reference sheet can be used to track behavior occurrences and make notes while observing a horse’s behavior:

My Three Books – Download Free: As a gift to you and your horse, please read my three published books about equine care – Hoof Prints on the Journey, There are No Horseshoes in Heaven and the Cavallo Barefoot Trim (co-authored with Lynn Sealey).

Cavallo Laminitis Guide: Protect your horse with knowledge – here’s a step-by-step guide to using Cavallo Boots to help your horse during Laminitis or any hoof illness or emergency. 

What You're Saying:

Cavallo BFB Draft-sized Boots for turnout in snow

"Multi-Use Boots I Recommend to Everyone"

“I wouldn’t use any other boots for my horses! After seeing how amazing these boots were helping my late QH with contracted heels, I knew I had to have a pair for my shire!

Back when he arrived, I couldn’t figure out why he didn’t want to go back into his pasture (lives out 24/7-365 during the winter). The ground was frozen, lumpy and unpleasant. Realizing it was his thin soles, I ordered some Cavallos after hearing they had draft sizes! After a few days of getting used to his boots, he was confidently walking around his field without issues! I’m absolutely in love with the fact that he can wear these for as long as he needs to without worrying about rubs and discomfort! 

These have also been amazing for helping to provide extra support when he injures a muscle during the wet muddy season! Multi-use boots I recommend to everyone!

-Meg and Parker from Ontario Canada

Cavallo FAQ Time!

Cavallo Saddle Pad - Dana Scott

Uh oh... A Patch of White Hair has Popped Up?


Showing off Boots & Making Money!

This video will take you to the wide open skies of Saskatchewan for just a moment, where Tracy Kerestesh is building up a barefoot & booted community in her town! People are continually asking her where she got her boots – so she’s one of the first to use our new Cavallo Referral Program – so she can make $20 USD cash AND get her friends 20% off when they buy their boots! Go Tracy!!! Check out our Referral Program HERE!

Thank you Again for Completing our Survey!

If you participated in our Smart Boot questionnaire, we want to offer you our sincere thanks. The information you all provided has been extremely helpful and we appreciate that you cared enough to provide your time and thoughts. 

Who were the three Cavallo Winter Riding Pack Winners?

We selected the three winners of the Cavallo Winter Riding Packs at random from the list of completed surveys. Congratulations to Caryn in Waddy, KY, Cindy of Amarillo, TX, and Janeen! Congratulations, ladies! Enjoy!

Wishing you many happy trails,

-Carole Herder

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